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One or both Kaiba brothers are involved in a scheme to take over the world.
  • Why else would Kaiba blackmail a group of skilled and dangerous mecha pilots to lead a small army of Federation veterans and other strange people?

Aether was an alternate younger version of Lord Genome
  • Instead of succumbing to the Anti-Spiral's manipulations, Lord Genome destroyed them anyway and then wiped out his fleet and essentially took the place of the Anti-Spiral completely

Enoch is a Reaper
  • The speech patterns, it's badass boast about organics being obsolete, a monotone voice that chills those that it talks to, claiming to be a nation in of itself? Why not?

Enoch is that thing in Kaiba's basement
  • Jet Alone had the same mask on it's face that the thing in Kaiba's basement had while Enoch was talking through it. It also seems to know Kaiba very well and says that the ground under the city is the soil of it's power.

Enoch and Tabris are summoning the monsters to Angel Groove.
  • Enoch confirms that Tabris and him have spoken at least once and going off of the above theory about the soil of enoch's power...maybe Tabris somehow infuses the monsters with an objective to find and free Enoch?

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