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Funny / Mighty Morphin Mecha Rangers!

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  • The entirety of the First Chapter is hilarious enough to either hook people in or leave them unable to keep reading.
    • To clarify, The titular Mecha Lord is almost immediately defeated by the Monster of the Week and Kaiba later chides the pilots for their Epic Fail.
    • The methods that Kaiba used to blackmail each ranger with Simon being promised cake.
    • The Defense Force is at first ready to martial a Last Stand against Ramiel, but immediately relent when they find out the rangers are deploying.
  • Chapter 2: Kaiba's reaction to being outwitted by Roger's diplomacy.
    • The team's objection to Shinji's brutal tactics even though they're helping and that the other rangers are being just as brutal.
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    • Mecha Lord slipping on Clover's entrails after it's messy death.
  • Chapter 3: Kaiba tries to return Shinji, but is handily denied on the account of the boy's mental state.
  • Chapter 4: Rossiu getting punched by Simon for trying to use Nia as a Virgin Sacrifice
  • Chapter 5: Leena employing her Gunsniper to scare away civilians and then threatening Hitomi when she doesn't agree with the zoid being ugly.
    • Kamina and Kittan get into an argument over Yoko while fighting Deathwing. Simon's reaction is about the same as anyone else's.
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    • Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet. Just...the jet.
    • More specifically, the Dragon Jet blasting away Deathwing, hacking Mecha Lord to combine with it and wasting Deathwing until there's nothing left but a small globe that contains the dragon's soul.
  • Chapter 6: A news interview with Emperor Britannia shows him on a throne of puppy skins. It gets interrupted as soon as he starts ranting about all men not being created equal.
    • Van being fed up and annoyed with Harry enough to try to kill him. "Van Slash!"
    • Bit believing that Gendo raped Shinji.
    • Shinji yelling that Optimus doesn't know about suffering when the latter is a head in an oversized fish jar.

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