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Awesome / Mines of Dragon Mountain

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  • Spike gets a huge one in chapter 4 where he manages to fight off two fully grown stallions for a significant period of time with nothing more than claws and adrenaline. Granted they were kidnapping him. As Shock put it:
    I tell you, if you tick off a dragon it doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or a baby, it will give your flank a spanking.
  • Twilight snapped at two Diamond Dogs in chapter 5
    Twilight: I'm terribly sorry…I must have made that sound like a request. It wasn't. Call one of your onithopters.
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  • Then there's her little soiree with Zeitgeist and his small army. Curbs are involved.
  • An evil but no less awesome one from Tirac
    Tirac: Plan B…
    • Which is then countered by, of all people, Spike. Best encapsulated in this little exchange
    Tirac: Oh no! What’re you going to do with [the wrench]? Fix the plumbing?
    Spike: No…I’m gonna wreck your power generators, allowing my friends and I to escape and preventing you from phasing your penetrator thingy. Clear?
    Tirac: Oh? Please, tell me how you plan to destroy three multi-ton generators twenty meters away whilst surrounded on all sides by my faithful servants… with nothing but a wrench.
    Spike: Easy. You ever hear the story of the watchmaker in the desert?
    Tirac: No, actually.
    Spike: That’s because I made it up just now.
    Tirac: Ah. Tell me then, how does it go?
    Spike: A watch maker takes his pocket watch into the desert. It stops working. The end.
    Tirac: Ooh kid! Post that one on Equestria Daily, I’m sure it’ll get six stars!
    Spike: The moral of the story, you see…(inhales, preparing to use his teleportation breath)…Is that small things in the right place can cause big problems; like a grain of sand in the gears of a pocket watch or, say…A wrench in a turbine?
    Tirac: (Oh, Crap! reaction)
  • And finally the ending of Twilight's light stroll
    Twilight: Are you the one they call Gabbro?
    Tirac: Well, I’m wearing the one they call Gabbro. I'm Tirac, the monster who killed all but three of this world’s gods half-a-million years ago, pleased to meet you.
    Twilight: You could be Radian for all I care. The dragon in your arms, hand him over and I’ll consider leaving your skeleton where it is.
    Tirac: Oh! Was that a threat from a pony? I think I’m in love!
    (One Oh, Crap! later)
    Zeitgeist: Never you mind that, the dragon will be back with us in a matter of moments.
    (Tirac crashes right trough the wall and into another)
    • The fic should have been called Don't Piss Off Twilight Sparkle
  • And finally, what becomes of Gabbro after he regains control from Tirac. Gabbro may have been turned into a monster by Tirac, but in the end, seeing him take his destroyer down into death with him with Tirac groveling for his life was every kind of awesome.


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