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  • Canon!Assassin loses one life to make it appear that Kirei has betrayed Tokiomi and had been summarily kicked out of the Grail War. Here Tokiomi and Kirei try the same thing... Only for Lupin!Assassin to steal some of Archer's Noble Phantasms and sell them for money!
  • A flashback reveals Lupin stole Robin Hood's bow for an 'old man Blackmore'. Lupin III collaborated with one of the Dead Apostle Ancestors and stole a priceless historical artifact for him, and both the Church and the Mages Association failed to kill him for that.
    • The same flashback shows how Kiritsugu and Lupin first met. Natalia and Kiritsugu had been hired to kill the Edelfelt head, and were about to shoot when they noticed that Lupin, who had been hired by the Edelfelt to recover Cortés' sword, had sneaked up on them with Jigen, and the two thieves were holding them at gunpoint. To add a touch of irony, Kiritsugu was criticizing Lupin's opponents in his mind, commenting they had failed due to Zenigata being held back by being a cop and the villains being too impractical.
      • Then the situation degenerates in a fight, as Lupin has decided that letting the Edelfelt's head die on his watch would be bad for his reputation... And Kiritsugu was completely outclassed by both Lupin and Zenigata. And that was before Goemon cut down the Golden Gate Bridge to stop the police cruisers and Kiritsugu's bike. And in the meantime, Jigen defeated Natalia in a gun duel.
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  • Caster's death. Including Assassin using a portable flamethrower whose design he stole from a fake mage (Pycal, a Lupin III character) to torch Prelati's Spellbook for added Irony.
  • Fourteenth Heist: Assassin tricks Kayneth into unwittingly killing his Servant in a hopeless battle, saves Sakura, and also tricks Zouken by stalling long enough for the police to arrive at his house. To top it off, he manages another crazy escape from Zenigata.
  • Fifteenth Heist: Assassin's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Zouken. Also, Kirei kills, no MASSACRES Zouken, from those hellspawn Crest Worms he calls familiars to that dried-up, withered little thing he calls a soul and Risei heals Sakura and grants her sanctuary. Hallelujah.
    • Not to mention Kirei's beatdown of Zouken is punctuated by his own incantation, and the last line Zouken hears before that pathetic excuse for a soul of his leaves this plane?
    Kyrie Eleison.
  • Saber and Zenigata teaming up and going against the Owls of Minerva's personal assassins.
  • Twentieth Heist: Gilgamesh is DEAD. Hurray for Chekhov's Sniper Rifle!
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  • Jigen and Taiga escaping the Russian Mafia through a car chase and Jigen's shooting skills is a Moment of Awesome in of itself. They're captured anyways, but still...
  • Lupin's epic The Reason You Suck speech to Pycal, with the villain going through a long Villainous Breakdown before even that because he was being treated like a joke, which then culminated in Jigen making sure Pycal wasn't going to be coming back anytime soon.
  • Kayneth Archibald manages to alert all his allies in the association about the Owl's existence then lays down a Curb-Stomp Battle, showing that Kayneth is definetly not the type of person one should mess with. He would have killed them all too if the cops hadn't arrived, thus distracting Kayneth and allowing the Owls to take his hand that has the Command Seals.
  • When Saber drops all pretenses of following her code of chivalry, things go... rather poorly for Lupin. Saber dominates most of the fight, countering all the tricks Lupin throws at her, and very nearly kills Lupin after beating him with her bare hands. It's only because of Kiritsugu's interference that she fails.
    Saber: You're a hundred years too early to think you can treat me as a simple distraction or a foolish girl, you little punk.
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  • Both Assassin AND Saber reject the grail by sticking true to who they both are; respectively, a daring thief that steals the impossible, and a powerful knight in the face of adversity.

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