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Tear Jerker / Just an Unorthodox Thief

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While Lupin's presence makes the Grail War a bit more fun, there are still moments likely to steal your feels and tears.

  • End of the Heist
    • Jigen's death as a result of his earlier battle with Maiya. No major explosions, no grandiose exits. Instead, he just calls Lupin, and the two spend the morning reminiscing about their lives and careers, before Jigen passes away quietly with his best friend by his side.
  • Kirei finally confesses to his father the kind of man he is, and his plans for the future. Risei is plain horrified and heartbroken yet can't find in himself to hate his flesh and blood. For extra tears, the narration precises this is the last time the priest will ever see his son alive.
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  • Saber finally admits she resented being King, as she felt she was cheated out of a happy life. When the Grail shows her a vision of herself living in the countryside as a mere peasant housewife, with a little kid looking like Mordred, she's on the verge of crying.

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