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Awesome / Hank the Cowdog

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  • "When you wanna make a lasting impression on a bull, you don't bluff and you don't bark. You take a death grip on his nose and hang on!"
  • Hank attacked a stallion to protect a couple of little girls. He'd made it pretty clear earlier in the book that the horse scared him, but the instant that it went after the kids, he got dangerous. Sure, he got his leg broken, but that's still one of the bravest things Hank's ever done.
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  • Along the same lines, in Faded Love, Hank attacks a rattlesnake to keep it from biting Little Alfred. Hank is terrified of snakes. This occasion was one of the only times Sally May expressed any respect for him.
  • Hank might hate cats, but he actually shows respect toward a mother cat once when she protects her kittens...and him...from a rampaging bull. In fact, when Pete the barn cat tries to force the mother cat to leave right away, Hank tells him she can stay as long as she likes and throws him into a puddle as retribution.
  • Hank saving Little Alfred from drowning, in The Christmas Turkey Disaster.
  • Drover running out in the middle of a snowstorm to protect Slim from a bear.

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