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Funny / Hank the Cowdog

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  • "It was... pause... pause... pause... paws... pause... pause... A GHOST!" (The pauses are actually written out and take up two whole pages before another two-page spread that just has "A GHOST!" across from a full-page illustration of the ghost. Which actually is somewhat scary in spite of this humor.)
  • Slim's reaction to a non-working pay phone in Slim's Goodbye: putting a sign on it calling it a "theef" and accusing it of taking a jobless cowboy's money (in the same poor spelling).
  • The Case of the Prowling Bear:
    • Wallace, thinking Hank looks too dumb to still be alive, tells Junior to ask him if he's dead. Hank decides to troll them, saying, yes, he is. It takes Wallace way too long to come to the appropriate conclusion.
    • Wallace's "Thank You" song, which he sings to make having to use manners more bearable.

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