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Heartwarming / Hank the Cowdog

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  • The Christmas Turkey Disaster:
    • Ashley and Amy's appearance in The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse receives a sweet Continuity Nod when Hank remembers the first time they were on the ranch and how he fell (platonically) head over heels for them.
    • Little Alfred falls through the ice while he and his cousins are playing. Although Hank is initially reluctant, he steels himself and goes to try to pull the boy out, talking soothingly to him all the while. When Alfred accidentally pulls him in, Hank tells him to hold him close so he can warm up, and clings to the edge of the ice to keep them both above water.
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    • When the rest of the ranch arrives to rescue Little Alfred, Loper says he'll lay the ladder across the ice and go out there. Slim gainsays him, saying that Loper has a family.

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