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Heartwarming / The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

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  • Season 2 episode "Arson & Old Lace" has Joe Hardy rescuing a young child trapped in a room by the fire. After saving her from an explosion, he's trying to talk her into jumping out the window to escape the flames (a small Tear Jerker moment itself). The wide-eyed trust on the girl's face is adorable enough, but then we get this:
    Joe: You're not scared, are you?
    Girl: Not if you're not.

  • 3rd season episode "Last Kiss of Summer": Joe taking Jocco to the gambling lounge which is actually a fed set-up. Up to this point, Joe has isolated himself from his family & refused all help, abandoning his father & brother in a fit of rage. As Joe & Jocco watch a televised basketball game that they've bet on, Fenton (Joe's father, who's undercover as the owner of the gambling den) makes many snide comments about the game & how Joe "isn't the hunch player your father is", leaving Joe in doubt as to whether his dad's actually going to go along with Joe's sting or blow the whistle on him. But then, after Jocco has seemingly won due to a last-minute rally, Fenton and Joe acknowledge each other in a small exchange that's apology, acceptance, and forgiveness:
    Fenton: You wiped me out. I can't believe it. You're your old man all over again, Joe.
    Joe: (smiling) Well...I'll never come up to the old man, but I do my best...

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