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  • Haru's entrance in Spell 1. Minotaur has Twilight and Spike in mortal danger, when several shots take out his Ghouls and shattering his horn. He then uses Transformation Sequence to shield them from Minotaur's fire attack. All of this happens before he actually appears!
  • Spell 2: Haru managing to outmaneuver Twilight, Spike, and Rainbow Dash and escape using the Connect Ring.
    • Minotaur gets one by No Selling Twilight's telekinesis.
    • Haru gets one directly after by CurbStomping Minotaur a second time. He would've destroyed him too, if Harpy hadn't gotten involved.
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    • Twilight managing to capture Haru after the battle counts as well.
  • Spell 3: Harpy gets one when she finds out Medusa used her and her 'family' as bait and attacks her. Medusa puts her in her place (which is in and of itself one of these for her), but it took serious guts to do that.
  • Spell 12: It doesn't keep him down, but Trixie actually managing to knock a powered up Minotaur out for a few second with magically summoned lightning. He gets right back up, but at least its more effective than it was on the Ursa.
  • Spell 13: Dragon!Wizard curbstomping Minotaur. While terrifying, its still undoubtedly awesome.
    • Trixie gets another one by actually standing up to Dragon!Wizard to save Twilight's life, managing to keep him busy long enough for Haru to regain control. Note, this is after witnessing Dragon!Haru completely demolish the supercharged Minotaur Phantom.
  • Spell 15: Phoenix gets one by beating the hell out of Haru. Haru also gets one for managing to at least land some hits on Phoenix, even if he's ultimately not strong enough to take him out.
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  • Spell 16: Fluttershy gets a Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? by nailing not just the dragon from the canon episode, but also Phoenix, with The Stare. Almost immediately afterwards, Haru gets one with a totally epic He's Back, culminating with the debut of Flame Dragon AND his own version of THE "World of Cardboard" Speech.
  • Haru's fight with the Gamefowl Yummy and Shocker Greeed's army of Mooks. Apparently possessed by Kintaros and Momotaros, he first No Sells the Yummy's punch (shattering his arm in the process) then destroying it in one hit, untransformed. He ultimately destroys most of the army with a version of Sword Form's Finishing Move.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider OOO vs the Shocker Greeed. Not only does Wizard formally take up the Kamen Rider mantle, it ends with them finishing Shocker off with a Double Rider Kick in their Mid-Season Upgrade forms.
    • Kamen Rider Beast's first fight, obliterating the Spring Heel Jack Phantom with ease.
  • Spell 22 has a lot.
    • Shining Armor manages to hold his own against Wolzard in a straight up fight, even if he doesn't win.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard and Magired teaming up to fight Wolzard and his army. This ends with them and Shining Armor combining magic into a giant fire serpent that overpowers Wolzard's strongest attack and defeats him.
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    • As a surprise bonus, Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Kabuto teaming up to take down the troll that Wolzard had summoned.
  • While also absolutely disgusting, Gremlin effortless evading both Beast and Wizard while killing Hellhound and Minotaur, and killing a superpowered Harpy in seconds counts.
  • The team up with the ToQgers. Especially them using their Imagination power to turn Wizard into Wizardragon for the Finishing Move.
  • Spell 29: Applejack and Rainbow Dash are playing horseshoes against Haru and Kosuke. They win. By a lot. Even when Haru cheats with his magic.
  • Spell 34: Wolzard quickly knocking Beelzebub on his butt after quickly figuring out the trick to his Playing With Portals ability.
  • The author deserves props for how balanced the two series end up being. The series comes off less as a crossover and more as a single ongoing story, combining the Wizard and MLP stories together. Often canon episodes of one will be interlocked with the basic idea of others, or Phantoms are worked in. And both sides aid one another in their various struggles. Considering how many fanfics fail at doing this, it's quite impressive to see one where both sides of the crossover are well depicted and balanced.

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