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  • Pretty much 95% of what Pinkie Pie does, particularly her dropping Momotauros' Catchphrase after meeting Haru..directly after emerging from his bag of doughnuts in a shower of confetti and balloons.
  • Sora/Gremlin is another walking CMOF. His Establishing Character Moment involves walking in on Spike singing about pizza, joining in, mistaking the library for a pizzeria, and giving Twilight a book that he enchanted to summon Red Racer and the Zoku Rangers to Ponyville when she opens it simply because It Amused Me.
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  • The team up between Wizard and Red Racer is part this part Moment of Awesome. Particularly the Combination Attack Finishing Move, 'Wizard Kurumagic Attack - Red Version', which consists of them riding an old red bicycle at the enemy before turning into a fireball and mowing down the Zoku Rangers.
  • Phoenix's complete confusion at Pinkie Pie. Yes, Pinkie is so crazy that she's able to make the Ax-Crazy Blood Knight and Knight of Cerebus so confused he's at a loss for words.
  • Spell 18, anyone? When the Shocker Greeed, Spring Heel Jack, and the Gamecock Yummy decided to pay Ponyville a visit, they were scared off by Lyra Heartstrings and her fascination with humans.
  • With Pinkie Pie being focused on for a good amount of the chapter, Intermission 4 is one of these from start to finish.
  • In Intermission 5, Kosuke summons Gryphon to go look for Phantoms… then wonders if he should worry about the ramifications of having a Griffin familiar.
    • Twilight and Fluttershy enter what seems to be the Wise One's lair to retrieve the Water Dragon Stone, and the Wise One comes back… looking for his fishing pole.

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