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  • His victory in Battle Royal at The Royal Albert Hall may be your generic match attained more by wits than by fists. Nevertheless, turning himself into the heir of the face André the Giant's legacy was equally a CMOA and Harsher in Hindsight.
    • This right after a hard-knocking match against The Barbarian where he also got the victory, a broken nose and a couple of loose teeth.
  • The Summerslam 1992 Intercontinental title match with Bret Hart, in Wembley Stadium, where the Bulldog scored the biggest win of his career in front of 80,000 UK fans. According to Bret, Davey Boy was gassed and forgot the match they'd laid out, and Bret had to walk him through much of it. Many in the business have said Davey Boy was a good "follower," and this match may be the final word on that.
    • Owen got some great work out of Davey as well, as evidenced by this Raw match that was a major Match Of The Year candidate for 1997.
    • ...all this said and for your consideration, here we give you a very talented 15-year-old by the name "Young David" in 1977 pitted against Dynamite Kid, Fit Finlay and so many others proving his chops as a cunning and resourceful mat technician. As years went by you can watch him turn if not into one of the greatest all-arounders ever, at least into a very gifted Powerhouse.
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    • The real kicker? He was the only wrestler to defeat both Hart brothers clean and by pinfall.
  • By 1999 and accepting a challenge that led to his first WWF Hardcore Champion belt, he just squashed Big Boss Man in a 59 seconds match including a bunkhouse brawl outside of the ring, 3 chair shots and a clotheslined baton bash. All of this just to give the strap back to Al Snow.
    • ...or how about this match against Bam Bam Bigelow just to prove that no one on the company was getting a World Heavyweight Title shot before him.

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