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Yes! Even for a dark and grim show about the consequences of technology there are a couple Moments of Awesome.

  • Bing's speech in 15 Million Merits
  • Two words from Hated in the Nation: Got him.
  • USS Callister:
    Walton: "Fuck you to death."
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  • Even if it was all a simulation, Frank and Amy's choice to rebel against the seemingly tyrannical dating system for the sake of their love is worthy of this page.
  • Rolo getting his just desserts in "Black Museum"
  • Nish's Cool Car, the awesome blue T-Bird.
  • A lot of the sequences in episodes look really awesome, like the establishing shot of Nish from "Black Museum" that could be straight out of Lemonade (2016), and the Wes Anderson-esque "Nosedive" title shot.
  • Catherine finally getting her just desserts at the end of "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too"
    • Not just the ending either, the one-two combo of the ENTIRE EPISODE and the Trailer are worthy of this honor. The trailer makes you think you're heading in to a standard Black Mirror episode "Person uses tech, gets dependent on tech/goes too far with tech, doing so causes a crash and burn". This throws you for a loop when Black Mirror basically says "we've shown we can do happy endings, we've shown we can do crash and burn endings...Now watch as we do both at the same time!" Catherine crashes and burns HARD in the sense that if her plot which is to drug Ashley, lie about what put her in the coma, then use a sub conscious mind reading device to continue making music while Ashley is in a coma. wasn't on national television, it will be by morning, pretty much ruining her life. Ashley meanwhile, walks out of the (metaphorical) blast zone to make music as she wants to. You can't help but wonder "how is Black Mirror going to top this?"