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Heartwarming / Black Mirror

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"Heaven is a place on earth..."

  • San Junipero. The episode itself is a crowning moment of heartwarming for the entire series. After several stories about mankind using technology to its detriment, we get a love story where technology is used to effectively live forever. To wit, Kelly agrees to pass onto San Junipero and spend her afterlife with Yorkie. Just the final scene of their consciousnesses with those of the inhabitants of San Junipero blinking with life can move even the hardest of hearts to tears of joy and hope.
    • On a smaller note, Kelly and Yorkie meeting each other in the real world is this marked with a small Tearjerker.
      Kelly: (kisses Yorkie's forehead) Hello, stupid.
    • Also, its dismantling of the Bury Your Gays trope was glorious.
    • It won two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special.
    • In a more meta sense, despite a Sequel Episode for "San Junipero" being frequently requested, Charlie Brooker has stated that neither him nor the rest of the creative team have any real desire to do one, because they want Kelly and Yorkie to keep their happy ending.
  • Hang the DJ features a couple attempting to defy a dating app that claims to have a 99.8 percent success rate. That's heartwarming on its own, but especially when the true meaning of that percentage is revealed: It means their simulated selves fall in love and manage to escape their world together 998 times out of one thousand simulations. You better believe these couples are meant to be together.
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  • 15 Million Merits: Bing saw talent in Abi, so he donated 15 million of his own merits to help her go on Hot Shots. D'aww. Too bad it ends badly for her.
  • The ending of Nosedive, in a way. While Lacie has fallen socially and has just come off a Humiliation Conga that is capped off with her imprisoned, she ultimately feels more free than ever, and flirts with the man imprisoned across from her. The man also resembles the man used in advertising aimed at her.
  • Just watching the USS Callister crew in relief and delight over escaping from Daly and the mod, and entering the main game. At least until they run into Gamer691, whereupon they just decide to "fuck off" into the vast unknown of the game. Looks like they're not done with entitled asshole gamers just yet...
  • In Arkangel Trick may not have been the best boyfriend what with him selling drugs, doing cocaine and even showing Sara pornographic and violent videos when they were both kids but he at least was kind to her during the short time they were together.
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  • The man and woman in Crocodile who passed each other by that Shazia spoke to both mention that certain features of the person they passed by on the street stood out to them because they thought each other was cute. Almost makes one wish Shazia had managed to introduce them to each other before the worst happened.
  • Black Museum has
    • Despite Dr. Dawson's devolution into a pain junkie, the technology allowed him to catch things that most Doctors wouldn't even know to look for. Notably, he saved a young boy who was mistakenly diagnosed as having appendicitis. In short, the man did save lives. In fact, his pain addiction started while he was trying to save a life.
    • Clayton Leigh's daughter Nish as the hero in the end. Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, she ends up taking revenge on the man responsible for hurting her family, frees her father from his agony and saves Carrie, who was trapped in a stuffed monkey and used as an exhibit. It also turns out that she even saved her mother after finding that she had committed suicide.
    • After dealing with Rolo, when Nish is exiting the museum Carrie, who is being saved by her and is still has her consciousness trapped in the stuffed monkey, ends up saying "Monkey loves you" expressing gratitude for rescuing her and avenging what Rolo did.
  • Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
    • For starters, the episode has an uncharacteristically happy ending, showing that Ashley has formed a band with Jack and is performing the sort of music she actually likes. Two of her fans seen on the news flee the racket in horror, but Rachel is actually seen dancing at the bar, apparently enjoying herself with the newly-decorated Ashley Too.
    • Jack reconciling with her sister Rachel after the news report of Ashley's coma and returning her Ashley Too doll.
    • Both sisters looking out for each other during Ashley's rescue.
    • Ashley Too, who is Ashley O in every sense and willing to Mercy Kill her human counterpart to spare Ashley her fate.