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"There's no genitals in Space Fleet!"


When it's not utter Nightmare Fuel or jerking your tears, Black Mirror can be darkly funny at times.

All spoilers will be unmarked ahead. You Have Been Warned!

Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment

  • Anything Waldo says. Until the second half of the episode, that is.

Black Mirror: White Christmas

  • Despite this episode being one of the bleakest, there are some moments of levity, mostly provided by Matt and his exploits. For example, his role in the office party crashing has him speaking to someone to help them get laid. This results in the person he's helping speaking at inopportune times to him, mishearing him, and having him and the rest of the peeping toms watch him pee.
  • A dark, dark, dark comedic moment during the section with Greta. While trying to get Greta's cookie to agree to work, he tells her to try and make toast to demonstrate that she has control over things in the house. During cookie!Greta's meltdown...
    (The toast pops up)
    Matt: Hey, look! Toast is done.

Black Mirror: Nosedive

  • Some of the things that Lacie's brother says are quite humorous.
(after hearing Lacie's speech) You fucking sociopath. (...) There's sugary and then there's fucking diabetes.
  • Whenever someone downvotes Lacie. Particularly, her brother Ryan and the cab driver.
  • The flirtatious insult exchange between Lacie and the Tall, Dark, and Handsome man in the opposite cell.
    The Man: I don't like your aura.
    Lacie: My aura!?
    The Man: Yeah.
    Lacie: I don't like... your... Head! Your entire head is just ridiculous to me!
    The Man: Really?
    Lacie: You look like an alcoholic. Former. Weatherman!

    Lacie: Your face is a fuckin'... fuckin'... biological car crash that made Picasso screw his eyes up and say, "Well, that just doesn't make sense."
    • And, in a simultaneously funny, awesome and heartwarming moment, the episode ends on an Atomic F-Bomb, both with giant smiles on their faces.
    Lacie and The Man, at the same time: FUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOUUUUU!!!


Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance

  • Hector's "pep talk" to Kenny in Shut Up and Dance to get him to rob the bank:
    Hector: Your hot little face, blurred fist, dick burping fucking spunk everywhere - your mum's gonna love that on Facebook, Twitter, Insta-fucking-whatever. Toss in the cunts at work, calling you 'Spurty Mcgoo', laughing at your cum face, making it their desktop's not just weeks, we're talking years here. Pictures hang about on Google like a gypsy fucking curse! There's no cure for the internet, it would never go away. It would be glued to your name, a fucking stain on you! I'd hang myself if that was me. Crack my fucking neck at the first opportunity.

Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation

  • Most stuff that comes out of Karin's mouth is bound to be curse-filled snark. It's hilarious.
    Karin, breaking up an argument over surveillance: Okay! We get it! The government's a cunt!

    Granular Dev: So, you're interested in our A.D.I.s! Any particular reason?
    Karin, with a silly smirk: Yes.

    Karin, talking with Blue about dead ends in cases: Finding dead ends is just most of the job. You just haven't gotten bored of it yet!
    (Blue looks unamused, as she had just told Karin to not be patronizing.)
    Karin, looking a bit guilty: ...Okay, that was patronizing.

    (After a small explanation of how A.D.I.s work...)
    Karin: Do they make honey?
    Rasmus: Uh... No.
    Karin: I was joking.

    (After seeing some A.D.I.s form giant letters in the air...)
    Karin: Jesus. Didn't expect to find myself living in the future, but here I fucking well am.

Black Mirror: USS Callister

  • Daly has to take a quick break from the game to get his pizza, which has everyone, including the villain and the monster he summoned, to drop character and relax for a moment. And when the pause ends, everyone immediately gets back into character. Save for Nanette, who puts on a "kung-fu" pose before looking at herself as if she's confused by what she's doing.
  • Walton is the MVP of the episode.
    Walton: For he's a jolly good fellooooowwwww, and so say - OH MY FUCK.
  • This gem after the reveal that none of the USS Callister crew have genitals, as pictured above:
    Nanette: (infuriated) Okay... stealing my pussy is a red fucking line!
    • What's especially funny about the above line is the fact that it’s not being trapped in a hellish game for all eternity that pisses her off, but rather the fact that she no longer has a vagina to use. Gee, wonder why that's the case...
    • They're all so bored out of their skulls that Lowry laments the fact that she "Can't even have the basic fucking pleasure of pushing out a shit." A comment that leads to Tulaska commenting with a sigh that she likewise yearns for something as simple.
  • When blackmailing the real Nanette with risqué photos of her, digital Walton states if she does not do as they say, they will share said photos with her friends and family... and PornHub.
  • The crew gets tired of listening to Daly's threats while attempting to escape from him through a wormhole and decides to turn off the intercom to shut him up:
  • For that matter, the cameo at the end of the episode, more or less acting as the Foil to Daly.
    Uh huh, you better run! King of space, right here! (sighs) King of space...
  • Robert Daly's screams of "EXIT GAME!!!" are very chuckle-worthy, not just because he deserves his punishment but also because he sounds pathetic while flailing at his disabled controls.
  • A small detail adding to the in-universe cheesiness of Space Fleet: the crew beams down to a planet, with nary a spacesuit in sight, and only then does Daly check his computer and declare that the planet has a breathable atmosphere.

Black Mirror: Hang the DJ

  • The sex scene between Frank and Nicola, due to how Nicola acts during the whole thing.
  • When Nicola criticizes Frank for eating garlic dip, he eats some more right in front of her as a hilarious “fuck you” towards her.
  • Frank and Amy in Hang the DJ are incredibly awkward, incredibly cute, and most of all, ridiculously funny people, that is until their forced relationships get bleak. They're joking around right from the moment they meet.
  • A brief moment provided by Coach.
    (Amy's next date, a very handsome man, walks in.)
    Amy: Oh my fuck, tell me that's him.
    Coach: Identity cannot be confirmed until proper introduction.
    (He approaches Amy, and the two say hello.)
    Coach: Identity confirmed.
    (Amy haphazardly hides Coach.)

Black Mirror: Metalhead

  • While a very bleak episode, Metalhead had a pretty funny moment in the beginning when the characters are talking about pigs and arseholes.

Black Mirror: Black Museum

  • Black Museum had an Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption moment that was pretty amusing.
    Dawson: I can't get enough of your—
    Nish: ...but?
    Rolo: I’m sorry?
    Nish: Dawson’s having a great time; there’s gotta be a “but”.
    Rolo: Oh.
  • Also Rolo's cursing at Nish when she uploads his consciousness into her father's virtual one. She can't hear him and, as she notes, her father can't talk. But from the look on her father's face, he's clearly enjoying every minute of it and would probably laugh if he could at Rolo finally getting a taste of his own medicine.
  • Rolo explaining the principle of the pain transfer device to Dr. Dawson via two taxidermied lab rats named Kenny and Hector. Kenny died after getting coffee spilled on him, but Hector was able to feel the pain from Kenny.
    Dawson: So, wait. How did Hector die?
    Rolo: They cut him open afterward to see if he was okay.
  • Despite the issues that occur due to the mind transfer process being usually tragic, some funny things happen involving Jack and Carrie. Jack gets back at her by eating things she doesn't like, Jack takes too long when reading to look at pictures, he doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom and gets scolded for it, and when he checks out a lady in the elevator, Carrie wastes no time in getting pissed off.

Black Mirror: Smithereens

  • Chris' rant about how people endlessly stare at their phones all day long, finished off with this closer:
    "The sky could turn purple and none of you would notice!"

Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

  • When Ashley Too's limiter gets removed by Jack, the first thing she says after a moment of inactivity is: "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! GET THIS FUCKING CABLE OUT OF MY ASS!! Holy shit! It's like a wire hanger in my butt hole!"
    • The very first time "I'm On A Roll" plays can be hilariously jarring if you're familiar with "Head Like A Hole" and the adaptation thereof hasn't been spoiled for you. The Lighter and Softer music and lyrics make it just different enough that it can take a few seconds to figure out why it seems so familiar.
    • As a bonus, seeing the official Nine Inch Nails shop sell "I'm On A Roll" shirts, complete with cheery stars, is so weird the laughs just come.
  • Ashley Too's dialogue after the aforementioned spoiler is just awesome.
    Ashley Too: Catherine is so fucking full of shit, you two have no clue how much of a BITCH that woman has been!
    Jack: Okay, I'm gonna put the limiter back on.
    Rachel: No, leave her alone!
    Ashley Too: Yeah, back off!
  • Ashley Too seeing the posters and merchandise on Rachel's wall, and spotting a particular poster.
    Ashley Too: Oh, fuck, I remember that day. Had these god-awful period cramps. Urgh...
  • Ashley Too going on a rant about how if Jack and Rachel aren't going to help her get to Ashley's house then she'll get there by herself... and then she falls off Rachel's table. After stabilizing herself, Ashley Too tries to exit the room... only to realize that she can't open the door and asks Rachel and Jack if they can do it for her.
  • Jack driving the truck. She's not very good at it.
    Ashley Too: Can you drive this thing?
    Jack: I think so.
    Ashley Too: You think so?
    Jack: Ashley, go to sleep.
    Ashley Too: Yeah, that's not gonna work anymore. Okay?
    Jack: ...Shit.
  • What are the first words that Rachel says to the real Ashley, as she gasps for air and struggles against her restraints in an incredibly disturbing display?
    Rachel: I'm such a huge fan...!
  • Ashley Too proving to Ashley that she's the real deal.
    Ashley: Why is that thing talking like that? All real?
    Ashley Too: They broke the limiter, so I'm you. Your whole brain, I'm all of you.
    Rachel: I can't believe there's two of you!
    Ashley: That thing isn't all of me. I'm all of me.
    Ashley Too: Really? Senior high, I had, like, a major crush on Ryan Simmons, but he was just not interested, so I made out with his little brother Stevie even though his braces scratched my teeth, and— Oh, actually, Stevie was the first guy I ever—
    Ashley: You have got to shut up.
  • Ashley's reaction to seeing the mouse truck, despite the fact it's her only option.
    Ashley: Uh-uh, uh-uh.
    Rachel: No, no, just come on, you'll be fine, let's go!
    Ashley: (A groan that can best be described as "fuck my life.")


  • The Buzzfeed quiz "What Ironic Death Would You Die If You Were In 'Black Mirror'?" has some funny possible answers, proving that even though it's mirroring Black Mirror's horror (by Death by Irony), it's just as tongue-in-cheek funny.
    How much time do you spend on your phone? I don't even have a phone
    Which of these bits of technology is ruining society? Buzzfeed dot com, an answer I give because I am above this website even though I am on it
    Pick a gaming platform: Xbox||PC||Playstation||Monopoly