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"There's no genitals in Space Fleet!"

When it's not utter Nightmare Fuel or jerking your tears, Black Mirror can be darkly funny at times.

  • Anything Waldo says. Until the second half of the episode, that is.
  • Hector's "pep talk" to Kenny in Shut Up and Dance to get him to rob the bank:
    Hector: Your hot little face, blurred fist, dick burping fucking spunk everywhere - your mum's gonna love that on Facebook, Twitter, Insta-fucking-whatever. Toss in the cunts at work, calling you 'Spurty Mcgoo', laughing at your cum face, making it their desktop's not just weeks, we're talking years here. Pictures hang about on Google like a gypsy fucking curse! There's no cure for the internet, it would never go away. It would be glued to your name, a fucking stain on you! I'd hang myself if that was me. Crack my fucking neck at the first opportunity.
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  • The flirtatious insult exchange between Lacie and the Tall, Dark, and Handsome man in the opposite cell in Nosedive.
    The Man: I don't like your aura.
    Lacie: My aura!?
    The Man: Yeah.
    Lacie: I don't like... your... Head! Your entire head is ridiculous to me!
    The Man: Really?
    Lacie: You look like an alcoholic. Former. Weatherman!

    Lacie: Your face is a fucking biological car crash that made Picasso screw his eyes up and say, "Well, that just doesn't make sense."
  • This gem from USS Callister:
    Nanette: (infuriated) Okay... stealing my pussy is a red fucking line!
  • The sex scene between Frank and Nicola in Hang the DJ, due to how Nicola acts during the whole thing.
    • When Nicola criticizes Frank for eating garlic dip, he eats some more right in front of her as a hilarious “fuck you” towards her.
  • Frank and Amy in Hang the DJ are ridiculously funny people, that is until their forced relationships get bleak. They're joking around right from the moment they meet.
  • While a very bleak episode, Metalhead had a pretty funny moment in the beginning when the characters are talking about pigs and arseholes.
  • Black Museum had an Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption moment that was pretty amusing.
    Dawson: I can’t get enough of your—
    Nish: ...but?
    Rolo: I’m sorry?
    Nish: Dawson’s having a great time; there’s gotta be a “but”.
    Rolo: Oh.
    • Also Rolo's cursing at Nish when she uploads his consciousness into her father's virtual one. She can't hear him and, as she notes, her father can't talk. But from the look on her father's face, he's clearly enjoying every minute of it and would probably laugh if he could at Rolo finally getting a taste of his own medicine.
    • Rolo explaining the principle of the pain transfer device to Dr. Dawson via two taxidermied lab rats named Kenny and Hector.
  • When Ashley Too's limiter gets removed by Jack, the first thing she says after a moment of inactivity is: "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! GET THIS FUCKING CABLE OUT OF MY ASS!! Holy shit! It's like a wire hanger in my butt hole!"
    • The very first time "I'm On A Roll" plays can be hilariously jarring if you're familiar with "Head Like A Hole" and the adaptation thereof hasn't been spoiled for you. The Lighter and Softer music and lyrics make it just different enough that it can take a few seconds to figure out why it seems so familiar.
    • As a bonus, seeing the official Nine Inch Nails shop sell "I'm On A Roll" shirts, complete with cheery stars, is so weird the laughs just come.
  • Meta: The Buzzfeed quiz "What Ironic Death Would You Die If You Were In 'Black Mirror'?" has some funny possible answers, proving that even though it's mirroring Black Mirror's horror (by Death by Irony), it's just as tongue-in-cheek funny.
    How much time do you spend on your phone? I don't even have a phone
    Which of these bits of technology is ruining society? Buzzfeed dot com, an answer I give because I am above this website even though I am on it
    Pick a gaming platform: Xbox||PC||Playstation||Monopoly

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