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Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology franchise, consisting of a TV series and related spinoff media.

For multiple unrelated media which coincidentally share this same title, please see the Main tab, a.k.a the disambiguation page.

  • Black Mirror (2011-present), the original television series.
  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018), a standalone interactive film.
  • Black Mirror: Nohzdyve (2018), a defictionalized video game tie-in to the Bandersnatch film.
  • Nosedive (2018), a card game based on the episode of the same name
  • Black Mirror: Labyrinth (2021), a walkthrough maze at Thorpe Park Resort
  • Black Mirror: Volume One, an anthology novel. This and further installments were delayed indefinitely due to a lack of time, with Charlie Brooker admitting it is unlikely they will ever be published.