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  • California Doubling: Inverted. The only Black Mirror episodes filmed where they take place are the ones set in the UK; Brooker says he has a policy of filming the US-based episodes in other countries because the cost of US location filming is just too high for a UK-based production.
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  • Celebrity Paradox: The first episode mentions Downton Abbey — many actors from that show (including two of the main cast) appear in large roles in Black Mirror. One of them, Allen Leech, even appears in that very episode.
  • Channel Hop: The series began on UK tv station Channel 4, airing Series 1, 2 and White Christmas, before the show was bought by Netflix to be one of their full original shows.
  • Life Imitates Art: The show's Twitter likes to (disapprovingly) point out whenever things like that happen. See the specific Black Mirror page for more examples.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Butcher Billy created fan art of the show that became popular online before Netflix hired him, putting his artwork on the cover of the San Junipero album, and in the episode Black Museum, as well as having him do more original work for the episode USS Callister. He even tweeted about it. He creates art for use in other Netflix shows now, and has a pretty healthy following from it all through Black Mirror.
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  • Referenced by...: The episode of the podcast Welcome to Westview covering the fourth episode of WandaVision is titled "Black Mirror".
  • The Wiki Rule: The Black Mirror Wiki.
  • Word of God: The title comes from the reflection of a screen when it's gone off and how "there's something cold and horrifying about that". This activity in witchcraft is known as scrying, which supposedly induces clairvoyance/visions of the future.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Hannah John-Kamen plays Selma from "Fifteen Million Merits" and a larger role as Sonja from "Playtest."
    • Michaela Coel plays the airport lady in “Nosedive” and has a larger role as Lowry in “USS Callister”.
    • Daniel Lapaine has a small role as Max in "The Entire History of You" and a larger role as Dawson in "Black Museum."
    • Asim Chaudry appeared as an extra in "The Waldo Moment", and has a larger role as Thakur in "Bandersnatch"