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TV Series:

  • In "There's No Witch Like an Old Witch," Aunt Clara's being declared not only competent by a judge, but the judge asking her to babysit his son. It's made even better by the one-shot Alpha Bitch Mrs. Bane smugly calling Aunt Clara crazy, and being shown up in the end.
  • "Just One Big Happy Family" sees Maurice, Samantha's father, disintegrating Darrin after an argument. Even Endora thinks this is cruel, and she teams up with Samantha to force Maurice to bring him back. Endora gets extra awesome points for defeating Maurice in a small magical battle: he tries to will her away, but she stands up to him, prompting him to remark that she's grown stronger (although that does raise some nasty questions about the nature of their marriage).
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  • "Sisters at Heart" combines this with Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped. McMann and Tate woos Brockway, a new client, for a potential million-dollar contract; when Brockway mistakenly believes that Darrin is in a mixed marriage, he reveals his racist tendencies and demands that he be taken off the account, or no deal. Though Samantha gets awesome points for teaching Brockway a lesson by making herself, Darrin, Larry, and even Brockway (in a mirror) appear black, it's actually Larry who wins the prize for the episode's best moment. Upon discovering the real reason behind Brockway wanting Darrin off the job, Larry immediately becomes outraged and turns him down. The entire show paints Larry as a money-hungry man who's willing to do anything his clients want to make a deal, so to see him stand up to racism to the tune of a million dollars is amazing.
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  • "The Crone of Cawdor" gives one to Endora. Darrin is working with a young woman named Terry Warbell, a fashion designer, on a major advertising account, an old woman shows up in the Stevens' neighborhood and says that she's the real Terry. Endora gets suspicious, but rather than simply turn invisible or spy on Terry, she disguises herself as a mortal—something she can't stand—and tricks the supposed designer into making erroneous statements about fashion. It turns out that "Terry" is actually an evil witch who's planning to suck the youth out of Darrin. Samantha naturally stops it, but it's only because Endora pulled off such a brilliant trick. Score one for mothers-in-law.


From the film:

  • Isobel's EPIC "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jack after the time rewind.
    • And summarily, Jack actually taking it to heart.
  • The fact that Isobel is determined to do things without magic and discovers that yes, love can happen without magic.

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