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  • In There's More Than One Way Home, Anna's busybody neighbor tells her about a meeting she isn't invited to; Anna ends the conversation as quickly as possible. When Val says, "You don't want to find out more?" Anna snaps, "Of course I do! I just didn't want to find it out from Gladys Kravitz. She already thinks I'm a witch."

Live-Action TV

  • The Expanse: Avasarala's contact list shown briefly in "Tribes" contains "Who, Dr.", "Stevens, D.", and "Clegane, G.", among others. All names of characters in shows that had been recast (like her husband's character had been).
  • Passions: The most extensive reference of the show. A main character in the soap was named "Tabitha", who was a witch with parents named Serena and Darrin.
  • Wandavision: One of the characters, later to be revealed as a witch, lives in the same house that the Stephens.
    • It's later revealed that Bewitched exists in universe and the main character, Wanda, was a fan growing up. The premise of the "show" she creates in Westview is conceptually close to Bewitched, with the added twist that the husband also has something to hide per being an android.

Western Animation


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