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Retsuko tells Ton exactly what she thinks of him.

  • Possibly the most awesome moment from the original shorts is when Retsuko gets a New Years fortune predicting bad luck in everything, but she is determined to not let that discourage her and tells fate to eat her fist.
  • Washimi gets her reading the CEO of the company the riot act when he tries to brush off reports of Ton's abuse, reminding him that Retsuko could easily put up allegations of the abuse on the Internet, which would drag the company's name through the mud.
  • Retsuko talking back to Tsubone in episode 3. "If you thought all that... maybe you should have checked the ledger yourself."
  • In Episode 5, Fenneko puts on a deerstalker cap and investigates why Retsuko wasn't going out with her and Haida as much anymore. She discovered she was doing Yoga two times a week. The detail she put into her investigation freaks Haida out.
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  • One episode has Tsubone asking Haida where Retsuko is so she can open a jar of her preserves; she gets a little unhinged, laughing maniacally at the thought of torturing her with it. Later on, the entire office is trying to open one of the jars and failing - Retsuko, who has been taking yoga classes, takes it off with ease and sends Tsubone into shock.
  • Probably the most cathartic moment is Retsuko and Ton's "rap battle" at the staff party. After an utterly humiliating diss track by Ton in front of the entire staff, Retsuko responds by calmly requesting her favorite track, and then obliterates Ton - and the entire room - with death metal. Never bring rap to a metal fight. After that? Ton ends up giving Retsuko some mad respect in his own jerkass way and ends up being too drunk to remember the entire event. While Ton and Retsuko still end up at odds with each other, it wasn't as bad as it was a few episodes ago.
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  • In Episode 10, accounting is down four people (three unavailable, and one so lovestruck as to be useless at work) at the end of the fiscal quarter. In response, Ton actually buckles down and flies through his work. On an abacus, no less!

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