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This is a recap page for the anime Aggressive Retsuko, or Aggretsuko for short.

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TBS Shorts (2016)

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  1. Retsuko introduces herself to the audience and is enraged by Yagyu giving her more work when she wants to go home, Komiya telling her stories about his love life that she doesn't want to hear, and Ton making fun of her for working overtime.
  2. Retsuko is enraged by Kabae distracting her at work.
  3. Retsuko is enraged by Tsubone giving her more work when Retsuko has plans for the day.
  4. Retsuko, Gori, and Washimi become friends after recognizing each other from yoga class.
  5. Retsuko is enraged when she refills Ton's beer and he insults for not pouring the drink with the label up.
  6. Retsuko, Gori, and Washimi are disturbed by their testosterone poisoned yoga instructor.
  7. Retsuko buys herself a flower vase to put to help keep her calm when she works but is enraged when she has difficulty removing the label.
  8. Retsuko watches her coworker whom she has a crush for on the train and wonders what he is always thinking about.
  9. Retsuko gets sick and is enraged when Kabae come over to help her and won't leave.
  10. Retsuko is enraged that she has no time to do anything but eat, bathe, and sleep after work.
  11. Gori gets dumped by her current boyfriend and one month later she scares away her next one by pounding on her chest trying to stop her heart from beating so hard.
  12. Retsuko is enraged by Tsunoda showing up to work wearing a dress that Retsuko wanted to buy.
  13. Retsuko is enraged by Tsubone calling her past her prime but later contradicting herself by calling Retsuko in her prime.
  14. Retsuko is enraged by Natsuko Yokosawa not listening to her when she says she is not on a diet.
  15. Retsuko is determined to make her curry so good it will be the main course at a company barbeque instead of Ton's steaks.
  16. Retsuko is enraged by Tsunoda making her do her work work while Tsunoda goes off on a date and posts it on social media.
  17. Retsuko is enraged by Yagyu being fussy about how she makes his tea.
  18. Retsuko and Ton are enraged by each other changing the thermostat.
  19. Retsuko is enraged that she ran into Tsunoda at the store on a day she chose to dress down.
  20. Retsuko is enraged by Kabae taking forever to apply her makeup.
  21. Retsuko is enraged that she has to go to work on a morning when she doesn't want to get out of bed.
  22. Retsuko is enraged that Tsubone is much nicer when correcting Ookami's mistakes than when correcting Retsuko's
  23. Retsuko is enraged by Fenneko being indecisive when they go out to dinner together.
  24. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker who won't stop insulting herself no matter how much Retsuko praises her.
  25. Retsuko is enraged that nobody at work took the free snacks that she left out to share.
  26. Retsuko is enraged by Yokosawa not listening to her when she is trying to tell a story.
  27. Retsuko is enraged by her coworkers talking and laughing loudly while she is trying to listen to the waiter while they are at a restaurant.
  28. Retsuko is enraged by how Kabae mistreated a book Retsuko lent to her.
  29. Retsuko is enraged by Tsunoda expecting her to arrange a party that Retsuko only said she would come to and then not even coming to the party after Retsuko does arrange it.
  30. Retsuko is enraged that she doesn't understand what a coworker is complaining about.
  31. Retsuko is enraged that Washimi won't make funny faces with her and Gori while they are taking drunk selfies.
  32. Retsuko is enraged that Okami only asked her to lend him money when he seemed like he was about to confess feeling for her.
  33. Retsuko is enraged when Gori stays late at Retsuko's house and won't leave.
  34. Retsuko and Fenneko are enraged that their coworker is oblivious to all the red flags her boyfriend is putting up.
  35. Retsuko is enraged that Fenneko and Tsunoda complain about each other to Retsuko while the other isn't around but pretend to like each other when they are together.
  36. Retsuko complains about Ton while at a restaurant with Fenneko, not realizing that Ton is right behind her.
  37. Retsuko is enraged by how Tsunoda reacts to finding out that Retsuko doesn't have a boyfriend.
  38. Retsuko is enraged that she is alone on Christmas Eve, drinking beer and eating squid.
  39. Retsuko's new year's fortune predicts bad luck and that she should give up, but she won't let that discourage her.
  40. Retsuko is enraged that a worker at a clothing store won't leave her alone and let her shop on her own.
  41. Retsuko goes to a DVD store and feels embarrassed to say out loud the ridiculous title of a DVD Kabae recommended to her.
  42. Retsuko comes close to her crush at work.
  43. Retsuko fights through a crowd to buy Valentine's Day chocolate for her crush.
  44. Retsuko misses her chance to give her crush chocolate due to Haida and Ton distracting her.
  45. Retsuko and Fenneko are enraged by Kabae coming to work with the flu.
  46. Retsuko is stuck behind somebody texting on their phone on the cramped subways and sees their private conversation.
  47. Retsuko is enraged that she can't sleep with Gori snoring and Washimi grinding her teeth when they are staying at a spa and she didn't bring ear plugs.
  48. Retsuko is enraged that Komiya isn't getting the hint that she does not want to go golfing with him.
  49. Retsuko is enraged when Yagyu invites her for drinks only because he wants to go with Fenneko.
  50. Retsuko is bored waiting for the rest of the company to show up for cherry blossom viewing.
  51. Retsuko hates April Fool's Day.
  52. Retsuko is enraged by a new coworker named Anai (Doug in the fansubs) who won't stop asking questions.
  53. Retsuko is enraged by the Anai asking too many question about what food to buy her.
  54. Retsuko is enraged by Tsunoda closing the elevator door on her for the fourth time in one year.
  55. Retsuko is enraged that Kabae won't clean up her mess of files.
  56. Retsuko is enraged that Gori thinks that all of the men around her are staring at her.
  57. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker eating while she is talking to her.
  58. Retsuko is enraged when she thinks Washimi is using a mug Retsuko gave her to hold a toilet brush, but she didn't.
  59. Retsuko is enraged when she goes out to dinner at a cheap restaurant with Fenneko and Haida, but they order items that cost extra, leaving Retsuko unable to order anything for herself because she doesn't want to spend more.
  60. Retsuko is enraged by Komiya having her redo documents because she placed the staple wrong.
  61. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker who has given up on love assuming that Retsuko is the same.
  62. Retsuko is embarrassed by Anai saying that she will never get married in while trying to defender her from Ton.
  63. Retsuko is enraged by Haida getting distracted with unimportant problems when she only wants him to fix her computer.
  64. Retsuko is enraged by Fenneko spoiling a show for her.
  65. Retsuko is enraged by Kabae making hungry noises while Retsuko is eating a cake that Kabae wants but can't have because she is dieting.
  66. Retsuko is enraged that Gori and Washimi told her to just act natural at a mixer but then Gori keeps her gut sucked in and Washimi keeps her chest puffed out the whole time.
  67. Retsuko tried to avoid catching Yagyu's attention when he is prowling around looking for somebody to listen to him.
  68. Retsuko is enraged with having to wait outside for Ton on a hot summer day.
  69. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker criticizing her clothing and make up and then dragging her inside to teach her how to do make up better when she just wants to go home.
  70. Retsuko is enraged by a misbehaving child on the train.
  71. Retsuko is enraged by Anai only thinking of himself when chosing what restaurant to hold Fenneko's birthday party at.
  72. Retsuko, Fenneko, and another are enraged by Yagyu sitting down with them at lunch.
  73. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker talking about her boyfriend that Retsuko doesn't think exists.
  74. Retsuko's grandma is enraged by Retsuko trying to help her and calling her old.
  75. Retsuko is enraged by Tsunoda taking pictures of their desert and not letter her actually eat it.
  76. Retsuko is enraged when a coworker she covered for so they could go do errands was only out getting her eyelashes and nails done.
  77. Retsuko is enraged when she is mistaken for somebody else and can't get a word in to correct the mistake
  78. Retsuko is enraged by Ton lecturing her all day about not working overtime but then gives her more work when the day is already over.
  79. Retsuko is enraged when Kabae won't just buy a ticket and insists on looking for her missing card.
  80. Retsuko is enraged by a friend she is waiting for calling her every fifteen minutes or more to say they are coming in fifteen minutes.
  81. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker who keeps borrowing money from her.
  82. Retsuko is enraged by Anai not shutting up and getting to work.
  83. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker not getting to the point when they want to ask a question.
  84. Retsuko is enraged by a coworker not listening to her when she tries to explain that their is nothing wrong with the computer and they just didn't spell a word right.
  85. Retsuko and Fenneko are enraged by Komiya pointing out minor flaws of celebrities.
  86. Retsuko is enraged by Yagyu giving her vague instructions
  87. Retsuko and Gori are enraged that they are single, jealous of all the couples they see around the holidays.
  88. Retsuko is enraged that her Christmas eve is just like the last one.
  89. Retsuko is enraged that Yagyu and the CEO don't know the diffence between leggings and longjohns.
  90. Retsuko is enraged that Yagyu sent her a friend request.
  91. Retsuko is frustrated with Yagyu talking to her on social media and bragging about his vacation.
  92. Retsuko buys a book of free stuff that all turns out to suck, and then her horoscope in the book warns her against frivolous purchases.
  93. Retsuko and Fenneko are enraged with Yagyu being annoying on Valentine's day because he want's somebody to give him chocolate.
  94. Retsuko is enraged by Fenneko calling her indecisive when Fenneko is the one criticizing Retsuko's every choice.
  95. Anai is spectacularly terrible at answering phone calls.
  96. Retsuko is enraged because she doesn't know what to do when Fenneko is telling her to change because a coworker they are sitting with hates not being the center of attention, but a different coworker is insisting that she finish the story.
  97. Retsuko is enraged by Anai telling her to calm down when he is the one who is always stressed.
  98. Yagyu repays Retsuko for the chocolate she gave him with a song.
  99. Retsuko is enraged that everybody accidentally brought the same thing to a picnic.
  100. Retsuko is enraged that the show is losing it's timeslot.

Netflix Series

    Season 1 (2018) 

Season 1 (2018)

  1. "A Day in the Life of Retsuko": Retsuko is a wage slave trapped in a soul-sucking office job. Her only respite is singing death metal at the karaoke club.
  2. "A Good, Hard-Working Girl": An old friend of Retsuko's is starting up a new business, and wants to bring Retsuko along. Could this be our heroine's chance to break off from her sucky job?
  3. "Short-timer": Buoyed by the prospect of a better job, Retsuko musters the courage to stand up to her seniors...but will her newfound confidence backfire?
  4. "Walking Down the Aisle": As Retsuko starts taking yoga classes with two co-workers, she formulates a new plan to become financially stable without her current job: marriage!
  5. 'Exposed': Gori and Washimi, Retsuko's new friends, try to help her come out of her shell. Perhaps a trip to the karaoke club is just the thing to help her cut loose...
  6. 'Stoking Rebellion': Concerned about the way her supervisor treats her, Washimi encourages Retsuko to stand up for herself while using her connections to try and improve Retsuko's situation.
  7. "The Duel": Tempers between Retsuko and her supervisor, Ton, reach the breaking point, and the two use a company drinking party to finally air out what they think of each other.
  8. 'The Out of Pocket Prince': Retsuko is invited to a singles' mixer party, where she meets an interesting young man: Resasuke, a notorious air-head from the sales department.
  9. 'A Rosy World': Retsuko falls head-over-heels for Resasuke and starts dating him, secure in the belief that an eventual marriage to him will help her leave her job behind...but are the two really compatible at all?
  10. "The Dream Ends": Retsuko's relationship with Resasuke is wearing her down, leaving everyone in her life concerned for her well-being.

Christmas Special

  1. "We Wish You a Metal Christmas": Retsuko is obsessed with having the perfect Christmas Eve dinner, all so she can take the perfect photo of it for Instagram.

    Season 2 (2019) 

Season 2 (2019)

Released on: July 4, 2019

Retsuko becomes the mentor of the new hire, Anai, in her department, but things go sideways when he turns out to be much more sensitive than what it seems. Meanwhile, starting her driving classes, Retsuko meets a slacker donkey named Tadano while her mother is trying to set her up for a possible arranged marriage.

  1. 'Time To Grow Up': Retsuko becomes increasingly frustrated with her mother's overbearing ways. Director Ton demands the team be tough on their incoming new hire.
  2. 'The New Hire Named Anai': Without Retsuko's approval, her mother sets up an arranged marriage meeting. At first glance, new hire Anai seems like a nice and eager employee.
  3. 'Double Moratorium': Director Ton berates Retsuko for Anai's lack of progress on the job. Meanwhile, Anai continues to react very badly to any feedback from Retsuko.
  4. 'Unavoidable Impact': Retsuko and Anai have to host a food stall for the company's Family Appreciation Day event, but Retsuko does all the work herself to avoid conflict.
  5. 'United Front': Everybody hates Retsuko's badly-prepared yakisoba. Anai doesn't lift a finger to help, until Kabae gives him some words of encouragement.
  6. 'Unknown Future': Hearing that Shirota has officially moved on, Retsuko lets herself be talked into attending a matchmaking event — where she runs into Director Gori.
  7. 'Growing Affection': Now with a driver's license, Retsuko takes Gori and Washimi on a road trip, but things go south when the two ladies get into a heated argument.
  8. 'He Lives Above the Clouds': The unassuming Tadano turns out to be a rising tech mogul. He offers to take Retsuko out for ramen, but it's nothing like she imagined.
  9. 'She's Dreaming': Retsuko begins to dream of a happy future with Tadano. She joins him on a business-related golf outing, and is horrified when Director Ton shows up.
  10. 'Wonderful Life': The world learns all about Retsuko's high profile relationship and Tadano declares that he wants to be with her forever — without getting married.

    Season 3 (2020) 

Season 3 (2020)

Released on: August 27, 2020

Retsuko is forced to pay a car accident debt by working as the accountant for the underground idol group OTMGirls but her talents within the group may lay elsewhere. Haida finds himself compromised when his interactions with an administrator, Inui, become serious.

  1. 'The Blessings Of Life'
  2. 'Deep in The Hole'
  3. 'A Sheltered Life'
  4. 'Winds of Change'
  5. 'An Urchin in The Desert'
  6. 'Crossroads'
  7. 'An Impenetable Wall'
  8. 'Bursting Her Bubble'
  9. "The End of The Moratorium"
  10. "When You Count to Ten"

    Season 4 (2021) 

Season 4 (2021)

Released on: December 16th, 2021

After becoming an underground idol to pay off her debts, Retsuko decides to quit OTMGirls and enjoy living a happy, normal life… but just as the company she works for is facing big changes, her relationship with Haida finally begins to move.

  1. "Someone from Work"
  2. "The New Boss"
  3. "Dirty Work"
  4. "Unkept Promises"
  5. "Options"
  6. "Struggle for Survival"
  7. "Moving Up"
  8. "Headhunting"
  9. "Unauthorized Access"
  10. "Rendezvous"

    OTM Girls You Tube shorts 
  1. We're YouTubers Now: The girls can't think of anything to talk about in the first episode.
  2. Get a Buzz Going: The girls discuss how to get more views on their videos.
  3. Intonation: The girls get into a disagreement about how to correctly pronounce the word "cake."
  4. Heart to Heart: The girls admit there are fans they don't like.
  5. The Amazing Dream: Hidarin says she has had an amazing dream, and the other girls are surprised to hear that she records and ranks her dreams as if they were movies.
  • Birthday special story: The girls say happy birthday to Retsuko. This is an extra episode that isn't animated as smoothly as the rest.
  1. When did you stop believing in Santa?: The girls discuss when they stopped believing in Santa. Surprisingly, Hidarin figured it out at a very young age while Manaka still believed until High School.
  2. Social Distancing: The girls try to have a conversation about social distancing.
  3. Cast a Vote for Retsuko: The girls encourage their viewers to cast their vote for Retsuko in the Sanrio Character Ranking contest.
  4. Aspiring Voice Actor: Hidarin wants to become a voice actor.

Alternative Title(s): Aggressive Retsuko