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  • Reaper, the Player Character, destroys Stonehenge in Mission 4, as well as both an upgraded CFA-44 "Nosferatu" with its insane laser drones and the heavy command cruiser in the next mission. His reputation as an Ace is established within the first five missions (with more to come in the future).
    • In Mission 6, he performs a Tunnel Flight that The Demon Lord of the Round Table himself would be proud of.
    • Mission 7 has the player pay a visit to The Round Table and fight the Butterfly Master again.
    • The epic conclusion in Mission 8, especially the second half (after the meteorite strike), with an epic remix of "Blue Skies" accompanying the heroic battle.
  • The Special Raid Mission, "Moby Dick Pursuit" (any of the three variants), where both player teams, usually competing for better scores, team up to fight together and destroy Aigaion, along wih two Kottos and Gyges warships.
    • Thousands of bullets flying in the air coupled with hundreds of missiles going every which way, frantic radio comments by AWACS and the enemy... every moment of the six minutes of these missions is incredible. Especially if you and the other players manage to tackle the mission for an "S" rank, which results in huge money rewards (becomes insane if you're using Forced Sortie).
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    • Special mention goes to the rariest version of this mission, where you encounter a golden-plated Aigaion. It is no longer armed with cruise missiles... now it has Frickin' Laser Beams that are capable of destroying your missiles and delivering a One-Hit Kill to you!
    • On August 19, the Aigaion Special Raid was replaced with STONEHENGE RETURNS. The mission's difficulty has been amped up due to the constant railgun fire and enormous amounts of targets to destroy. It feels extremely satisfying to get an S rank in any of the three mission variants, especially the "Gold Ring" one.
    • The January 2015 update trailer, showing the SOLG satellite new super planes - X-02 "Wyvern" and ADF-01 "Falken" (as standard aircraft!) and having "The Unsung War" as background music.
      • Even better, the Gold SOLG mission features the song in the background again, as the players try to destroy not only the satellite itself (Now upgraded with artillery shells, laser defenses and a crapload more endurance and durability), but also a bunch of Morgans and Falkens!
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    • The November 2015 update gave the players quite possibly the best special raid so far: Excalibur Onslaught. It has been revamped to the point the superweapon is protected by UAVs, and a huge laser net through which the players must weave while destroying hundreds of targets.
  • Emergency missions that happen about halfway during regular Online Mission Co-Op. Their variety is like heaven for longtime Ace Combat fans. The Emergency Missions include:
  • The new Co-Op map, Weapons Base Assault.
  • Three words: Avalon. Dam. Invasion. It includes a tunnel flight to destroy ICBMs inside it and hundreds, if not, thousands of ground targets to destroy.
    • Especially if you have an emblem like "Galm" or "Wardog" , since the regular victory music is then replaced by a famous piece from the series, such as "Zero" or "Unsung War", for all players' hearing pleasure.
    • A couple of players have used the level to re-enact the final battle of Zero in a more modern game engine. If anything, it shows that Pixy was going easy on us in the original game, as the ADFX-01 is devastating in the hands of a skilled human player, forcing "Cipher" to crank every bit of maneuverability they can out of the F-15 to avoid the TLS. Even so, Cipher manages to get the first kill, score a Mutual Kill at the start of the last "phase" (right after the "I pray for your success" line), and ultimately win!