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  • Fandom Nod: As noted on the main page, Reaper is a Mobius 1 Expy with aspects of Cipher thrown in for good measure. A longstanding Wild Mass Guess proposes that Mobius 1 is Cipher, so the conflation of two of Ace Combat's most well-known aces may be a sly wink toward this train of thought.
  • Fan Nickname/Malicious Misnaming: Unsporting players who have not earned their high "match-rate" (a supposed skill level that increases or decreases based on your success/failure at the game), but rather just boosted it by deliberately playing against newer players or players with lower MRs/less unlocks are named "seal-clubbers" and are likely to be removed from lobbies instantly if there's a huge MR contrast. Meanwhile, players who deliberately seek to play against those with higher MRs are called "whale-hunters."
    • Speaking of whales, the Japanese community has a term for people who destroy the Aigaion and Stonehenge before getting to S Rank, especially with plenty of time to spare. Roughly translated, the term is "premature ejaculator."
  • Milestone Celebration: Twice over, even:
    • As of February 2016, Infinity reached the 3 million downloads hallmark. The game held special events every time a new million was broken, giving the players an opportunity to earn gold crates holding 1, 2 or 3 million credits inside. On the game's first anniversary, Project Aces even held a long-awaited Mobius 1 tournament. The second anniversary saw the addition of the Skilled Pilot Medal Exchange to allow players to buy previous ranking-tournament rewards with Skilled Pilot Medals, and the third coincided with the last of the pre-exchange ranking rewards being added to it.
    • For the entire series, July 2015 held several challenges to unlock paint schemes from the original game, to commemorate it beginning the series on June 30th exactly twenty years prior.
  • God-Created Canon Foreigner: AWACS Heavy Cloud is actually a character featured in Project Aces-helmed arcade game Mach Storm. While he's not an Ace Combat character per se, Mach Storm can be considered an Ace Combat offshoot.
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  • I Knew It!: The moment the end of Mission 8 teased a color-swapped version of the Mobius Squadron emblem reading "Infinite-111" instead of "Mobius-118", many fans speculated, albeit half-jokingly, that this was Project Aces' way of finally hinting at at Ace Combat 7, as 118 - 111 = 7. Over a year later, dataminers found evidence of a Challenge Event corresponding to the PlayStation Experience 2015, where Ace Combat 7 would ultimately be announced for real.

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