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Alien Abduction / Anime & Manga

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  • Sailor Moon:
    • Crimson Rubeus, Prince Demande and Wiseman of the Black Moon Clan, aliens from the planet Nemesis, succeed in abducting multiple protagonists with some variation by medium.
    • In the Black Moon arc of the manga, three of the Sailor Senshi (Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter) are captured by Rubeus; only Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon remain. Eventually, Sailor Moon is captured as well when she is teleported from Crystal Tokyo to Planet Nemesis. There, Demand tries to brainwash her with his "third eye", but fails, and they soon free themselves en masse, only to have Wiseman kidnap Moon's young charge, Chibi-Usa, to successfully brainwash her for his own purposes.
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    • In Sailor Moon R, Crimson Rubeus captures all the Sailor Senshi except Sailor Moon, who frees them after defeating Rubeus. In a later episode, Prince Demand captures Sailor Moon and tries to brainwash her into being his bride, but Tuxedo Mask intervenes and saves her. One episode later, Wiseman kidnaps Chibi-Usa as in the manga.
  • Cromartie High School: Freddie being abducted by aliens is seen as more important than knowing the name of Hokuto's lackey.
  • Hidamari Sketch: Yuno gets abducted by aliens while relaxing on the school roof... only it was All Just a Dream.
  • A darker-than-usual example takes place in the manga version of Chrono Crusade. The creatures known as demons are actually aliens that abduct human women to replace their Hive Queen, who was killed on impact when their mothership crashed. The last one to go through this process was Chrono and Aion's mother, who was pregnant with them at the time.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Occurs on a global scale in the end of "Paint It White", where the invading Pict proceed to have billions of converted humans enter their mothership and then fly back home to their home planet. Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland seem to be the only ones to escape unscathed.
    • America's friend, Tony the alien, also seems fond of doing this.
  • This is what kicks off the Monkey Hunter arc in Gintama. Shinpachi wakes up one day to notice his index finger has been modified into a Phillips screwdriver, and recalls having a "dream" about seeing a strange light, then encountering some aliens who needed to fix their PSP. Gintoki doesn't think it's a big deal until he goes to the bathroom and discovers that his...joystick has been replaced with a hexagon screwdriver, at which point he snaps. They arguably have it better then the other victims, though, who more or less got turned into anthropomorphic screwdrivers.
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  • In one episode of Pokémon, Team Rocket disguises themselves as aliens who abduct Pikachu, much to Ash's bewilderment.


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