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The Roleplaying Forum's GM and Player Critique ThreadPosts: 272Aug 22nd 2018 at 3:22:55 AM
Role Playing Rules
Posts: 141Nov 6th 2014 at 7:54:13 AM
A friendly reminderPosts: 24Dec 20th 2013 at 7:59:50 AM
Yu-Gi-Oh BLANK Discussion threadPosts: 1,048 Mar 26th 2019 at 11:25:28 AM
The Good, The Bad, And The Spandex III: Electric Boogaloo (Worldbuilding Thread)Posts: 24Mar 25th 2019 at 9:17:35 PM
Blackened Moon, magical girl time hopping adventure, discussion thread.Posts: 99Mar 25th 2019 at 5:13:20 PM
CoLC crossover RP, discussionPosts: 17,328Mar 25th 2019 at 5:13:18 PM
My Superhero Academy Reboot Discussion ThreadPosts: 43Mar 25th 2019 at 11:09:53 AM
Fire Emblem Tropera Rules & DiscussionPosts: 1,088Mar 23rd 2019 at 5:10:37 PM
We Are All Pokemon Trainers DiscussionPosts: 34,061Mar 23rd 2019 at 2:24:49 PM
Continuation: Our avatars are in a room. Posts: 509,920Mar 21st 2019 at 9:35:35 PM
"The Imperium of Man comes to Gensokyo" Discussion thread.Posts: 41,132Mar 9th 2019 at 11:27:43 AM
Beast Sentai Zodiacranger - Discussion ThreadPosts: 9Mar 6th 2019 at 3:01:02 PM
My Villain Academy Extra InfoPosts: 1Feb 25th 2019 at 5:51:37 PM
The Good, The Bad and The Spandex: Discussion ThreadPosts: 2,945Feb 10th 2019 at 8:42:38 PM
Across Universes (Discussion)Posts: 863Feb 6th 2019 at 2:48:51 PM
We Are Our Avatars (Discussion)Posts: 175,546Feb 3rd 2019 at 1:48:08 PM
Dragonwings: Home CampPosts: 7Feb 3rd 2019 at 2:45:54 AM
e s p e r – Discussion ThreadPosts: 2Jan 28th 2019 at 9:46:25 AM
New Horizons Discussion ThreadPosts: 33Jan 24th 2019 at 5:20:48 PM
Grimoire Academy: Sanctum Students DiscussionsPosts: 1Jan 23rd 2019 at 4:59:33 PM
HMS Royal Savage Mess Hall - Project Canticle DTPosts: 6Jan 7th 2019 at 9:45:25 AM
A Merry Band of Guisers: Worldbuilding/Discussion ThreadPosts: 8Jan 3rd 2019 at 1:50:38 PM
Rise of the Planeswalkers discussion threadPosts: 2Dec 4th 2018 at 8:42:05 PM
New Legends of Pacific City Discussion ThreadPosts: 25Dec 4th 2018 at 1:13:07 PM
Prosperity For All: The Demilitarized Zone (Discussion Thread)Posts: 3Nov 28th 2018 at 11:08:28 AM
Digimon; Quadrants. Disscusion.Posts: 43Nov 25th 2018 at 3:39:49 PM
Enter The Arena As Your Avatar -- Spinoff DiscussionPosts: 4,515Nov 22nd 2018 at 5:59:00 PM
Avatar - The Hidden Earthbender Discussion ThreadPosts: 2Nov 20th 2018 at 3:46:29 AM
Fire and Fury in Fjaraheim: the DTPosts: 13Nov 10th 2018 at 3:26:13 PM
A Game of Gods- Discussion ThreadPosts: 174,584Nov 6th 2018 at 5:49:11 AM
W2B:N, Rondo Finale Chat RoomPosts: 54Oct 24th 2018 at 9:28:02 PM
Dreamkeepers Roleplay discussionPosts: 1Oct 23rd 2018 at 1:13:57 AM
Kamen Rider Legacy (Dicussion!)Posts: 28Oct 21st 2018 at 5:19:41 PM
Lotus: The Tea House (Discussion Thread)Posts: 11Oct 18th 2018 at 8:01:39 AM
Gundam 0088 Scavengers - Discussion ThreadPosts: 6Oct 5th 2018 at 4:14:31 PM
What system would you recommend?Posts: 1Sep 14th 2018 at 9:43:37 PM
Hong Kong Warriors: Discussion/Worldbuilding ThreadPosts: 34Aug 25th 2018 at 8:39:11 PM
The King of Fighters: Revolution Discussion ThreadPosts: 25Aug 13th 2018 at 5:34:41 PM
Is there any ongoing play by post fight-oriented roleplay like this in english?Posts: 1Aug 11th 2018 at 8:42:54 PM
Justice Avengers: A New Beginning Discussion Thread
Posts: 202Aug 2nd 2018 at 4:05:56 PM
Tales of Beacon Scroll Chat RoomPosts: 66Jul 31st 2018 at 12:10:47 AM
Lucia's Hidden Side Discussion Thread.Posts: 1Jul 30th 2018 at 8:01:00 PM
Final Fantasy Infinity Redux Discussion ThreadPosts: 12Jul 13th 2018 at 4:26:00 PM
Castlevania: Gott Mit Uns Nicht - The CourtyardPosts: 1Jun 26th 2018 at 2:46:10 PM
A Diversion of DeitiesPosts: 8Jun 25th 2018 at 2:04:18 PM
Uncanny Tales of Linburn Discussion ThreadPosts: 22Jun 24th 2018 at 6:17:56 PM
The City at the Center of the Multiverse (Discussion)Posts: 47Jun 18th 2018 at 1:50:48 PM
Road Trip In NowherePosts: 77Jun 14th 2018 at 2:13:34 AM
The Newbie Guide to forums RPGs (click here if you are new)Posts: 1Jun 6th 2018 at 5:50:56 PM
Days of Allurand: Màna Academy of Magic Student ForumPosts: 19Jun 3rd 2018 at 9:52:11 PM
Gundam Build Galaxy - Discussion ThreadPosts: 1May 29th 2018 at 10:24:13 AM
Arm of Justice: Grimsborough's Reckoning: DiscussionPosts: 1May 21st 2018 at 9:44:08 AM
CCV Leopold Rec Room - Young Stars Space Western DTPosts: 1May 15th 2018 at 10:01:30 PM
My Superhero Academy: Discussion ThreadPosts: 43Apr 27th 2018 at 8:53:09 AM
The Ultimate Crossover Discussion ThreadPosts: 7Apr 13th 2018 at 6:49:03 PM
Star Wars: A Ship DividedPosts: 11Apr 4th 2018 at 8:41:42 AM
Terrene, a D&D campaign- The Reboot Discussion Thread.Posts: 47Mar 30th 2018 at 10:57:21 AM
Next Beacon Scroll Chat Room: 2.0
Posts: 162Mar 18th 2018 at 6:22:03 AM
VRChat S1: Digital Darkness (Discussion) Posts: 3Feb 17th 2018 at 10:11:29 AM
Cards, Capsules and all that merchandise-driven crap: The Discussion ThreadPosts: 1Feb 17th 2018 at 9:33:19 AM
Henshin!: Witches of Northwoods DiscussionPosts: 20Feb 12th 2018 at 6:29:15 PM
The Basic Action Super Heroes Discussion ThreadPosts: 22Feb 11th 2018 at 4:13:03 PM
We are our Avatars : Scholarship Edition DiscussionPosts: 6,315Feb 2nd 2018 at 12:02:16 AM
BOUND - DiscussionPosts: 17Jan 30th 2018 at 12:09:32 PM
GateNET ForumsPosts: 16Jan 27th 2018 at 1:56:02 PM
Night of the Krampus Discussion ThreadPosts: 35Jan 20th 2018 at 5:38:09 PM
Terrene, a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Discussion ThreadPosts: 328Dec 21st 2017 at 4:29:15 PM
Hope For Tomorrow: Hero TV Forums - B League 2115Posts: 7Dec 16th 2017 at 2:33:03 PM
Moonrise- discussion threadPosts: 11Nov 30th 2017 at 1:52:36 AM
FEI: The Enhanced - Discussion ThreadPosts: 18Nov 17th 2017 at 5:38:32 AM
Battleworld [Discussion Thread]Posts: 9,627Nov 8th 2017 at 2:31:13 PM
Children of Laranthiel - Message LogbookPosts: 5Nov 6th 2017 at 9:51:22 PM
The Great Journey: Book of the Great West NotesPosts: 5Oct 27th 2017 at 8:37:46 AM
A Gathering of Inter-dimensional Travelers - Sandbox Crossover RP (Discussion)Posts: 43Oct 25th 2017 at 9:35:43 PM
Viraldimension Gacha: A Neptunia-based Roleplay (Discussion)Posts: 4Oct 25th 2017 at 4:20:12 PM
Princess: The Hopeful - Domremy Nakama Meeting RoomPosts: 20Oct 23rd 2017 at 2:41:24 PM
Our avatars are in a tower (Discussion)Posts: 1Oct 12th 2017 at 10:14:38 AM
Kayden - Light and Dark Discussion ThreadPosts: 42Oct 10th 2017 at 12:23:29 AM
Gods For Hire discussionPosts: 2Oct 7th 2017 at 7:19:07 PM
Knights of Tomorrow the DiscussionPosts: 6Oct 2nd 2017 at 9:27:11 PM
A World Gone Mad: Advent of the Clown Apocalypse (Discussion Thread)Posts: 39Sep 29th 2017 at 5:33:50 PM
Doorways and Deductions: DiscussionPosts: 50Sep 28th 2017 at 8:09:43 AM
Monstrous - Discussion ThreadPosts: 307Sep 18th 2017 at 6:35:44 AM
Dawn of a New Age - Oldport's FinestPosts: 100Sep 13th 2017 at 4:01:21 PM
Facility Kappa: TGTB&TS DiscussionPosts: 410Sep 3rd 2017 at 6:36:07 PM
Morimune High School Discussion ThreadPosts: 356Aug 23rd 2017 at 9:37:01 PM
Kingdom Hearts: Twilight of the Stars DiscussionPosts: 16,344Aug 23rd 2017 at 9:28:10 PM
Hope for Tomorrow: Hero TV ForumsPosts: 291Aug 21st 2017 at 6:52:54 AM
Our Avatar are in a CityPosts: 103Aug 17th 2017 at 3:55:40 PM
Justice Avengers: DiscussionPosts: 32,932Aug 16th 2017 at 4:45:23 PM
Histories of Allurand: Keep of Kiirsahqoqeth DiscussionPosts: 3Aug 16th 2017 at 10:08:25 AM
We Are on a Space Adventure - Discussion Thread
Posts: 186Aug 14th 2017 at 1:20:00 AM
Blue Skies Academy of Sorcery (Discussion)Posts: 32Aug 2nd 2017 at 8:56:55 PM
Fate/Final Deluge: Snippets From Shelter - Worldbuilding and Background ThreadPosts: 5Aug 2nd 2017 at 7:55:22 AM
Star Wars: Occupation of Dagros Discussion
Posts: 129Jul 22nd 2017 at 10:09:14 PM
OOC: A Gathering of MagicPosts: 10Jul 21st 2017 at 3:04:11 PM
Persona 5 ALT: Phanboard!Posts: 53Jul 18th 2017 at 10:38:46 PM
Ashes Of The End [Discussion]Posts: 21Jul 14th 2017 at 9:45:58 AM
A Universal Dawn (Space Adventure Brainstorm)Posts: 62Jul 11th 2017 at 12:58:19 PM
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