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06:55:08 PM Nov 26th 2013
    Real Life 
  • In the Tour de France, the gruelling month-long cycle race around France and adjacent bits of Europe, the riders are followed by a procession of support vehicles providing technical and logistic back-up. The very last vehicle is an un-marked discreet coach known as la voiture de balai, the Cleaning Wagon. This is the comfort station for riders who get so exhausted, fatigued or dispirited that they decide they've had enough and want to drop out of the whole race. The Broom Wagon sweeps up the drop-outs and their bikes and keeps the racecourse tidy. Quitting riders are usually escorted out of the Race carnival by a different door and are not seen again by those who remain in the race.

noted here until I can figure out how to set up a YMMV, as on this point YM really does V!

Tour De France as criminal conspiracy? Hmmm. After all the doping scndals and the thing with Lance Armstrong, there may be a case... maybe the guys discreetly swept up by the Broom Wagon and the cleaning crew are the honest cyclists who aren't doing drugs? Just a thought...

01:32:06 AM Nov 27th 2013
This is a trope so it doesn't get a YMMV tab, and of course Conversation in the Main Page is not permitted.
02:23:48 AM Nov 28th 2013
To move conversation into the discussion pages: wondering if the name of the "Cleaning Wagon" in the Td F might well be an ironic reference to the clean-up crews of organised crime. Sweeping away drop-outs from the world's toughest cycle race, so that they are never seen again... i would venture to disagree and suggest this should remain as a tongue-in-cheek ironic Real Life entry, but I'm not going to reinstate it there (flame wars are not edifying). As the M really does V on this one, just a shame no YMMV page can be created here!
10:14:54 PM Dec 25th 2012
edited by Stratadrake

Misuse check and the TRS

This article really should be called "Coverup Crew". It specifically defines itself as the guys who 'cover up' physical evidence of crimes or The Masquerade so the larger public doesn't notice. It is not about your everyday house-and-garden variety cleaning crews, CSI cleaning crews, friendly neightborhood Almighty Janitor, or so on.

I'll bring this to TRS when a spot opens up, but for now here's all 61 at-the-time wikilinks sorted into categories. The overall picture does not look good.

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