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Characters / Red vs. Blue

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You are, without question, the most fascinating group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
Dr. Emily Grey

The cast of Red vs. Blue is so large that it had to be split off to multiple subpages. All spoilers for the first fifteen seasons will be unmarked in the subpages below. It is highly recommended that you watch the series before reading any of the subpages, or even the character listings. Spoilers for Seasons 16 and 17 will be marked until the release of future seasons.


Index By Page

  • Blood Gulch Crewnote 
    • Red Teamnote 
    • Blue Teamnote 
  • Project Freelancernote 
    • Simulation Troopersnote 
    • Artificial Intelligencesnote 
  • Charon Industriesnote 
  • Chorusnote 
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  • Cosmic Powersnote 
  • Shatter Squadnote 
  • Vipernote 
  • Othersnote 


Index By Season/Story Arc Debuted In (SPOILERS BELOW!)

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    The Blood Gulch Chronicles 

    The Recollection 

    The Project Freelancer Saga 

    The Chorus Trilogy 

    Season 14 

    The Shisno Trilogy 



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