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YMMV: Power Rangers Megaforce
  • Anvilicious: In the episode "Robo Knight", the Rangers are appalled that humans are polluting the earth, the monsters of the week are created as a direct result of a toxic factory polluting the earth, and the Sixth Ranger is introduced whose sole mission in life is to punish those who pollute the earth. About every third line hammers home the message, just in case kids didn't get it. Since then the environment message has been toned down.
    • The series, though, does like to hammer home the "teamwork is awesome" message a lot. Most every line by the Rangers during a monster fight often relates to how teamwork can overcome anything.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Quite a bit considering how bland the Rangers actually are:
    • Emma being a Psycho Lesbian who kills anyone who even looks at Gia the wrong way. This wasn't helped by a short film Christina Masterson (Emma's actress) took part in where she acts as bait to lure people into a basement for a serial killer.
    • Troy being a robot and having a passionate hatred of water bottles.
    • Noah is a Robosexual.
    • When Orion first appeared, his long hair caused him to be called a space-hippy. There are also suggestions that the trauma of losing everything combined with spending several months alone with only thoughts of revenge on his mind, that Orion has at least a few screws loose if not outright insane.note 
  • Ass Pull:
    • How the Rangers and Robo Knight get their Power Cards in each episode. Right when they're about to get hosed, or learn about the power of teamwork for the umpteenth time, Gosei gives them a new card that's just what the Rangers need at the moment. Granted, it's mainly because of the writers only adapting the bare necessities of Goseiger.
    • In "Blue Saber Saga", it looks like Emma will get a lesson about sometimes, teammates have to fight on their own. Sounds a bit dark for this season, but cool. Nope, the Monster of the Week pulls a fast one on Noah, forcing the others to bail him out. So the episode's lesson gets screwed up, just so Emma would be in the right. Again, the Sentai footage is to blame, but it made more sense, as the aseop for that episode was to let friends help you when you need them.
  • Awesome Music: Despite being a remix of a remix, the theme song definitely qualifies, managing to provide a few unique parts as well, similar to Zeo, with a Lost Galaxy-esque Title Scream as well.
    • Emma's song in "Harmony and Dizchord".
  • Better Than Canon: Like with Samurai, fanfiction novelisations have gotten better reception than the actual seasons- in particular, the works of Darian Fawkes and Lily Hanson have been seen as far superior to the show.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:Emma turning into Pink Flash from Flashman and Gia turning in Yellow Mask from Maskman. Unlike Dairangers which at least got a Hand Wave, these modes come from nowhere. Emma even Lamp Shades this by saying : "Bet you didn't see that coming"
  • Broken Base:
    • Fans are split on whether or not it was a good idea to adapt Goseiger (since Power Rangers adaptations of what are considered "dull" Sentai, are usually good; however, Goseiger is considered a very dull Sentai by Western fans) over the much more desirable Gokaiger (which would have been perfect for an anniversary series). Trying to remind them that Sentai fudged their numbers as well and had their 35th anniversary in their 36th/37th year goes nowhere (Goranger debuted in 1975 and ran for three seasons, meaning technically, Gokaiger's 2011-2012 schedule was a year or two late anyway) - mainly because they can shoot back that Gokaiger was the 35th series.
    • Also, the news that the Goseiger suits are staying through both seasons outside of Gokai Silver (though what capacity it'll show up in is as yet unknown) since most fans find the Gokaiger suits among the best in the series and the Goseiger suits... not so much. Though after Super Megaforce Episode 3 establishing that the Rangers can skip the Megaforce suits and jump straight to Super Mega, continued use of the Goseiger suits may unify the fanbase to the negative.
    • Of all things, the presumed morphing call (moreso the "Go Go Megaforce!" part rather than the "It's Morphin' Time!" part) is also a point of disagreement - some fans have no problem with it, while others dislike it, seeing as the preceding season, Power Rangers Samurai, just used that format with "Go Go Samurai!". While it made sense to reuse Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers's call in Power Rangers Zeo (due to the latter season being with direct continuity with the former), some perceive the re-usage of "Go Go (team name)" in Megaforce to be improper since Megaforce and Samurai are unlikely to be directly connected outside of a potential Cross Over and being a part of the Power Rangers franchise. Some also feel that reusing "Go Go (team name)" seems like a lazy effort compared to past morphing calls.note  The "It's Morphin' Time" phrase has fared much better in terms of reception, considering the Milestone Celebration and the numerous references to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers already.
    • And now some footage of the Megaforce version of the Legend War has been released... with Saban and the producers doing their damndest to not show ANY of the pre-Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger teams (and arguably not doing a particularly good job of it). Some fans are NOT happy about that. Others think the footage was extremely well cut, in that the only way you would notice the pre-Zyuranger teams at all is if you were specifically looking for them.
    • Despite being under Awesome Music, this applies to the theme song, another remix of the iconic "Go Go Power Rangers" theme. It's either fitting because it's the twentieth anniversary, or receiving flack for using the song after two seasons of Samurai, taking away from it being something special for the anniversary; and for using an adapted version Samurai's remix instead of one unique remix for Megaforce.
    • It was revealed that the Gokaiger suits are in Super Megaforce as a Super Mode of sorts. Essentially the rangers transform into these suits in order to then transform into past rangers. Some people think this is great, others wanted the Gokaigers to be their own team, some of those wanted that team being the powerless Megaforce team.
    • During the Super Megaforce filming, reports started coming in for many former Rangers not appearing, for various reasons. A Q & A session with Austin St. John (Jason of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) revealed that he, too, had been invited for the finale, but declined, saying that what he was being offered wasn't worth the price of a plane ticket. However, he clarified that it was less because of ego and more out of self-respect.

      This isn't helped by the fact that outside of one actor (Jason Smith, Casey/Jungle Fury Red), and that multiple Saban Era Seasons are getting two Rangers (Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue, and Samurai is getting three with Jayden getting a focus episode), no Disney Era Rangers have so far been confirmed to return- for people who think the Disney Era was better than the Zordon/Saban Era, this reeks of company loyalty. However, there is a video out there from a con which Jason David Frank (Tommy) hinted that Saban had always planned for only ten returning Rangers (as it sounds like that their returning episodes are part of a bigger batch), that they had chosen them from a pool of sixty and that the complaints about money might just be complete BS.

      While some fans are absolutely furious, with some of the complaints bordering on ridiculous and Misblame. Others seem to give Saban Brands the benefit of the doubt and are reserving judgement on the finished product and even pointing out how some fans are blowing things out of proportion.
    • The news that Super Megaforce won't be using the Pirate!Ranger motif has become a sore point for many fans who were looking forward to a unique set of rangers and the narrative potential therein. On the other hand, some people don't mind this because they believe it will force Jonathan Tzachor to come up with original storylines, which even Megaforce itself has barely been doing.
    • End Game, the final episode of the first half of Megaforce is either a great ending for the first half with a great cliffhanger, or an average episode that just marks the end of a so far average season.
    • The leaked documents which contain summaries of the first 15 episodes of Super Megaforce have split the fanbase- in particular, many are translations of Gokaiger episodes. In particular, while more Disney seasons are getting episodes (Wild Force and RPM are confirmed), Casey's episode has him as a zookeeper - not working at Pai Zhua, or in RJ's pizza place, a zookeeper. Which isn't even what Jan was doing in the corresponding Gokaiger episode (he was actually training some students). The RPM episode has the Rangers going to Corinth to get the Falcon Zord, which the description paints as alive... which was true in Go-Onger, but not in RPM.
    • Episode 2 of Super Megaforce reveals that they can now morph into the Dairanger suits, with the only explanation being that they're from an alien planet. Many fans call this lazy, some are okay with it, and a few are glad that the Dairanger suits are being used. Three episodes later we're treated to the PinkFlash and YellowMask outfits, without so much as a Hand Wave, probably hoping viewers would just remember the "never seen on this planet" spiel.
    • As the series has gone on, fans of the Saban Era are irked at how little suits from MMPR - Time Force are used over the Disney Suits (SPD was used once an episode for the first three, which didn't help). A lot of this can be blamed on Saban's over-reliance on the Gokaiger footage (which used 2000-era Rangers a lot early on) but the under-use of original footage really stands out.
  • Critical Research Failure: Concerning the Super Megaforce episode that will have the Rangers going to Corinth, the promo indicates that the Rangers will acquire the Falcon Zord there. The problem? The promo indicates that the Zord is alive, which it was in Go-Onger, but not in RPM.
    • In "A Lion's Alliance", Gosei sends the Rangers to the Animarium, the home of the Wild Force Rangers. Not only does he get the name wrong, calling it Animaria, he doesn't even pronounce it correctly.
    • In "Samurai Surprise", Troy and Noah were using the Double disk given by Jayden earlier on. Noah duplicates his sword (that's fine and all) while Troy is using it to power up his Fire Smasher. Samurai and Shinkenger fans would recall that the double disk is only used to dupilcate a weapon, not simply amplifying its powers.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Robo Knight. Consider the lack of Character Development from the five rangers, Robo Knight gets this due to being the only character with an arc, which was more-or-less the same thing with his Japanese counterpart.
    • Among the human Rangers, Emma seems to be going down well, and her and Gia have been well received by the LGBT community due to the insane amounts of subtext between the two.
    • Prince Vekar is so far getting this reaction. Some people believe he gets some of the funniest lines of dialogue in this series. Making him a Deadpan Snarker definitely improves the tantrum-throwing General Failure we had in Gokaiger. His younger brother Vrak also gets some of this, due to coming up with plans that are more well thought out and out of the box than previous ranger villains.
  • Epileptic Trees: Saban seems to be getting back into the groove of whipping fans up into a frenzy, since they released a photo of the Rangers in the base, with what looked like ranger keys in the background.
    • And in Super Megaforce, the Sixth Ranger is named Orion. Fans started snarking that the Lost Galaxy connections made themselves. (A plot device in Galaxy was the Lights of Orion)
  • Fan Nickname: RoboCop Knight for Robo Knight due to his voice sounding rather similar to the aforementioned character.
  • Foe Yay: Robo Knight and Metal Alice in "The Human Factor".
  • Growing the Beard: Some fans are already seeing a vast improvement in Megaforce over Samurai. Since they began production on Samurai less than three months after buying back the franchise, some feel that Samurai may have been Saban ironing out the wrinkles (since they hadn't produced the show for 9 years) and Megaforce is where they'll get back in the groove.
    • For Megaforce itself, some say that Super Megaforce is showing signs of improvement after the So Okay, It's Average first half.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Prior to Megaforce being announced, many fans were expecting that Goseiger would be skipped.
    • Jake's crush on Gia can be this for those who watched Goseiger, wherein Agri and Moune were siblings.
  • Ho Yay: Noah really wants to see Orion's spaceship.
  • Humor Dissonance: In Last Laugh, Noah is criticized for over-analyzing jokes rather than simply relaxing and laughing at them. The problem is, the jokes in question are legitimately awful, and he comes off more like the Only Sane Man in some sort of world gone mad, where people will break into laughter at the slightest provocation.
  • Les Yay: "United We Stand" has a lot of hugging between Emma and Gia. A lot. And while the Monster of the Week in that episode turned Emma and Gia against each other with the intent of creating a fight to the death between the two girls, the actual result was them bickering Like an Old Married Couple.
    • Even in "Mega Mission", there's bit of this. Gia has Emma's drink order memorized and they engage in overly long staring into each other's eyes without speaking in a manner that is quite similar to Rizzoli & Isles.
  • Mary Sue: Many claim Gia of being one. Seen as a possible expy of Trini, many fans point out that while Trini was balanced and a jack-of-all-trades (a Jack of All Stats, really), Gia seems to be the best at everything. She finished a test before Noah, implying she's smarter than him, and it's implied she's also stronger than Jake and Troy. Jake's constant near worship of her is not helping matters. Could be given a rebuttal when Jake, her "secret" crush, tells Noah that he is "smarter than all of (them) combined." So while Gia is smart, she may not actually be smarter than Noah.
    • Finishing a test before the brainy guy doesn't make you smarter than him. He may be taking his time to consider the answers while you go "ah, fuck this, I'll just answer anything and hand out the test". Doesn't mean it applies to Gia, but it can happen.
    • Emma could count moreso. She's always built up by the writers as this perfect, special girl who can do no wrong. She is always right even if she needs to learn an Aesop or two (if Blue Saber Saga is any indication).
  • Memetic Mutation: [Insert a name of a past Power Ranger actor] Refused the invitation/ was not invited to do a cameo in Super Megaforce (Due to many actors not coming back for various reasons).
    • "At least it's not Samurai."- What many fans say when trying to be nice about this season.
    • "Troy is the real robot."- a joke among the fandom was that Troy was an actual robot thanks to his stiff behaviour and Andrew Gray's acting- the "Real" part comes from after Robo-Knight appeared.
    • "There's a Simple Explanation for it" usually comes up whenever we see any pre-Zyuranger suits.
  • Misblamed: Nick is responsible for the 20-episode quota per year and huge summer hiatus, not Saban. See Sadistic Choice below.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Vrak crosses it by telling the dying Metal Alice You Have Failed Me and more or less emotionally crushing her in her dying moments for no other reason but because he could, despite the fact she'd been insanely loyal to him the entire time.
  • Narm: "This is what we humans can do when we believe in ourselves!" Possibly one of the worst lines in the entire franchise.
    • Half of the dialogue in "Dream Snatcher."
    • The second season's insistence on putting the prefix "Super-Mega" on everything gets annoying fast. Naturally, Vekar makes a snark about it:
    Vekar: Super-mega hurry up and destroy them already!
  • Sadistic Choice: A meta example, starting from after Saban Brands getting Samurai even. They already bought the right to Power Rangers, but nowhere to go (considering Disney axed the show). That was until Nickelodeon agreed to air Power Rangers for Saban-under 20 episode restriction per year rule with a huge summer hiatus. This resulted in rushed plot with zero Character Development, fusing two contrasting series (Goseiger and Gokaiger in this case) and Power Rangers keep falling further behind from Sentai. Fans are still pissed off at Saban for this.
  • The Scrappy: Troy has so far gone down as one of the worst Red Rangers of all time due to him having absolutely no personality. (Ironically, his similarly-disliked Goseiger counterpart Alata was hated for having too much personality.) This wasn't helped when, in "Spirit of the Tiger," he became a massive jackass out of nowhere. The other four Rangers are exempt for at least having more personality and development than Troy (especially Emma and Noah) and Robo Knight and Orion seem to be avoiding it altogether.
  • Ship Tease: Seems to be this between Emma and Troy.
    • Possibly due to the stock footage, though. Although, Gia and Troy did have a moment together at the end of episode 11 where she purposely switched places with Emma to talk to him, and got him to dance. Which is actually refreshing.
    • Noah and Emma in "Blue Saber Saga", which is more believable as it showed Noah being insecure of what he can do for the team, and actually wanted to prove himself to someone.
  • So OK It's Average: This seems to be the general opinion of fans as the first half of Megaforce draws to a close- while everything's a step up from Samurai, it's still not up to the standards of previous seasons outside of some impressive visual effects (The acting and plotlines are frequently mentioned victims of this). Alongside that, Megaforce has had various pacing issues- the first half spends too much time bringing in new toys, the second half refuses to move plot along except where it must, and Malkor made very few appearances during the season, not to mention the insane hiatus that insued throughout mid-2013.
  • Special Effects Failure: In Gokaiger episode 2, the all-Red morph included Gosei Red (AKA Megaforce Red); when this scene occurs in Super Megaforce episode 1, Saban used mediocre green screening to swap in Operation Overdrive's Red Ranger.
  • Spoiled by the Format: It was pretty obvious Metal Alice would survive her fight with Robot Knight, mainly for the sole reason that she didn't explode as she fell to the ground.
  • Stock Footage Failure: As usual, reused Sentai footage doesn't always match the new version:
    • Whenever the Rangers use their Gosei cards, the cards all clearly still have the original text from Tensou Sentai Goseiger (including that title). This is probably why so much of the Rangers' arsenal keeps their Goseiger names in the first place.
    • Similarly, the recurring footage from Gokaiger's Legend War includes heroes from Super Sentai that have never been adapted for Power Rangers. Most are way in the background where they're not as noticeable or have been edited to make them less conspicuous, but "Stranger Ranger" clearly shows Ryu Ranger fighting behind the Red Jungle Fury Ranger. Officially subverted in "Earth Fights Back" when the Dairanger suits debuted as "powers never seen before on Earth."
    • In episode 3, after the rangers defeat the Monster of the Week with the Megaforce Blaster, they disassemble the blaster and then run to a completely different area where they had quarantined the infected civilians. After that, when Vrak summons the zombats to make the monster grow, the rangers are suddenly right back in front of the monster's corpse, holding the assembled Megaforce Blaster.
    • The second battle against Dragonflay (played out at the same time as the Red Ranger fights Creepox for the first time) in Episode 4 still has plenty of Japanese text on signs and on the road. Okay, that would've been pretty taxing to edit out without anyone noticing, but you can't help but notice how glaring it is that an American city has Japanese traffic signage.
    • In "United We Stand," Sentai footage is used when Beezara kicks Gia and Emma across the soccer field. Before this, Troy was knocked to the ground; however, if one looks closely at where Troy was, it's very obvious that it's Alata lying on the ground.
      • Speaking of Alata, his distinctive red-and-white jacket is very noticeable in the first few seconds of the opening sequence, as seen in this screenshot.
    • The loss of Datas leads to a problem with Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there's a brand new Mechazord head that's just there with no explanation as to where it came from; not to mention the Zord mountings on the shoulders and the odd design on the robot's back.
    • The Robo Morpher has a lot of Japanese Hiraganas left unedited.
    • A minor example: Emma is a understated character while her Goseiger counterpart Eri is more hyperactive. There's times when Goseiger footage is used and the Pink Ranger is gesturing animatedly like Eri but with Emma's understated performance, causing this. Should be less apparent when Gokaiger footage is used and Emma is being played by Ahim, also more understated than Eri.
      • Likewise, Jake's Gokaiger counterpart is Don, the team's Plucky Comic Relief Butt Monkey; the first episode handles this simply by passing the Green Ranger's uneasy motions as Jake's enthusiasm over his new powers.
      • Noah's Gokaiger counterpart is Joe, the team's master swordsman. While Don would fit better for Noah as does Joe to Jake, the reasoning for Noah at being a master swordsman is to improve himself and be better at helping the team out.
    • The third commercial in this video contained footage that was obviously lifted straight from a TV-Nihon fansub release of Gokaiger. A newer version of this commercial fixed this problem.
    • Episode 2 of Super Mega Force just had Japan as the place where the rocket was launched when clearly the show takes place in the United States, or New Zealand in terms of where it was shot. This was because of the unedited transition between the local shots and the pool of stock footage that was found in Gokaiger. (Though this is far from the first time this has happened in the franchise's history)
    • A Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It moment comes when you see the Wild Lion Zord knocking the rangers off. Stop at the right time, and you'll notice they're not even in their Wild Force outfits, but rather the Turboranger ones.
    • In "Silver Lining, Part 1" when Jake (as Galaxy Green) uses his Quasar Saber to disable Gorgax's shield, for a brief moment you can see the tip of the Green Mighty Morphin Ranger's Dragon Dagger hit the shield instead of the Quasar Saber's tip. explanation 
  • They Just Didn't Care: The Theme Song Powerup that kicks in when the team destroys Malkor sounds awesome...until you realize it's the Samurai theme.
    • Most fans on Rangerboard thought this was the source of Megaforce's current mediocre quality. The limited amount of episodes allocated for the series doesn't help either.
    • Commercials for the Super Megaforce toys use stock footage from the series. However, people noticed that one set of commercials used TV-Nihon's subs for Gokaiger for one scene!
    • During the Clip Show viewing, Noah was amazed at the previous Power Rangers. Sad thing is, ALL of those clips are Gokaiger footage. And eagle-eyed viewers can find the Boukenger Gokai Change event with Gokai Silver!
    • They aren't even bothering to edit out most Sentai suits anymore.
  • Tearjerker: Orion's backstory. Watching all of his friends/coworkers die and then running back to his village only to see that it's already been destroyed and that his family is gone.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • As of the end of the Warstar arc, Gosei has been less a character and more a plot device, only speaking up every few episodes to tell the Rangers of some new powerup they've acquired. The fact that he apparently has history with Zordon has sadly yet to be expanded on.
    • Gia and especially Jake are two of the most underutilized Rangers in history. While some of it is due to the lack of spotlight episodes for Moune and Agri (their Goseiger counterparts), the writers could at least do something with them.
      • However, their Gokaiger counterparts Luka and Don get decent screentime, and a few focus episodes, so this may be subverted yet.
    • Is gonna happen no matter what, as many previous actors have confirmed that they rejected the invitation to appear for The Legend War.
  • Unexpected Character: Danny Slavin is reprising his role as Leo. Considering his history with the franchise, this is very unexpected indeed.
    • The appearance of the Dairanger suits.
      • Any time a Sentai suit appears, now that Ryuu Ranger, Pink Flash, and Yellow Mask are in.
      • We knew Jayden would be making an appearence, but no-one knew about Mentor Ji's role until the episode debut.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Sundai Love, an actress trying out for Power Rangers says she was told that they couldn't cast her in the show, since they already cast a black actor.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Through the first 5 episodes, Troy had yet to show any real traits beyond "dedicated martial artist". He's barely been shown to have formed any real relationships with the other Rangers off the battlefield - the closest was in "Stranger Ranger", and even that scene was him giving them combat training. "Harmony and Dizchord" lessens this somewhat by giving him some non-training interaction with Emma. He's also shown to have a very protective side, as he goes up against some bullies in "Who's Crying Now?". Noah also describes him as being "cool as ice", which could imply that he's had quite a bit more interaction with the team than shown.
    • Most of the Megaforce Rangers (with the exception of Robo Knight and potentially Emma) have gotten this criticism, as we rarely see the Rangers being actual characters. Episode 3 of Super Megaforce is showing signs of Character Development for Noah and Emma in the very least.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The above-mentioned stock footage failures aside, the show does a good job with editing out certain things from the footage, whether it be unneeded characters or unwanted angel wings.

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