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Fridge: Power Rangers Megaforce
Fridge Brilliance
  • Jake being Megafore Black and Super-Mega Green makes sense since teams of five rangers tend to alternate between black and green while Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink tend to be a main stay (with exceptions here and there).
  • Why does it make sense to use the Goseiger suits over the Gokaiger ones? It's the 20th anniversary, so of course they'd use the suits that matched the same color scheme as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, mirroring what Gokaiger did with the Himitsu Sentai Goranger colors! Not to mention the helmets look similar too, what with having animal motifs and sculpted mouths.
    • Super Megaforce using Gokaiger's suit mirrors the transition between the original MMPR to Zeo. It helps that Gokaiger and Zeo share the same colors as well.
      • In a meta sense, the fact that Megaforce concluded on a downer note directly leading into the next "season" can also be considered a mirror to the MMPR to Zeo transition.
    • It doesn't stop there. The Super Megaforce season is a whole throwback to Zeo. The colors, the downer cliffhanger, and an armada from space that attacks with robots. Troy even said something that basically says "Stronger than before".
  • The term Megaforce sounds bland and generic, right? Well, the prefix "mega-" (meaning "million") is the metric (SI) prefix for 106. "6" equals the number of main members of Power Rangers Megaforce — the five core Rangers and Robo Knight. Additionally, most Power Rangers teams have typically consisted of six members (Five-Man Band plus the Sixth Ranger), including the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Add those bits to the fact that Power Rangers Megaforce aligns with the franchise's 20th anniversary (and there's the likelihood that past Ranger powers will be used at some point, not to mention the possibility of cameos), and it truly feels like a "Mega Force" is being assembled.
  • The Goseiger suits have been confirmed to stay throughout both seasons, with Gokaiger's Silver joining in Season 2. Just like the Zyuranger suits & the White Dairanger suit in Mighty Morphin's second season!
    • Vrak being alien royalty implies that he and Warz Gills' counterpart are brothers. This would be just like Queen Bandora from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and Junior from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger becoming siblings Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto
      • This is even smarter when you see how Vrak and Vekar actually share some similarities in design.
      • And if you want to go Meta their Sentai Counterparts both had Riichi Seikie as their primary suit actor.
  • Emma and Troy were affected by Dizchord's music more than the others because they are the Sky, ie air, rangers, and air is what allows sound to travel, so logically, they would be hypersensitive to it. note 
  • Why do Ernie and Mr Burley like Dizchord's music when everyone else hates it? People tend to favor the music of their generation. For these two it would have been rock and roll, not the pop music the kids of today listen to.
  • Gosei, the mentor of the Rangers, is described as Earth's Guardian. Think about it: this season is a Milestone Celebration, celebrating all the years the various Ranger teams have defended Earth from evil. What better mentor to have then than someone who is "of the Earth?"
  • The Ranger Keys for the Super Megaforce toyline have added QR codes on the backs of them, enabling them to be scanned with a smartphone app. It seems totally superfluous... but it also helps to replicate the functionality of the Gokai Cellular, which scanned the keys rather than using them as keys, in real life!
  • According to Gosei, the usage of the Legendary Ranger Keys is taxing on one's strength, which is why the team switches to and from forms. Why would that be? Simple - they're still in use. They're essentially borrowing someone else's power for their own use. Remember Zordon's odd warning of "Too much Pink Power is dangerous"? We're back to that again.
  • How are SPD and RPM accessible, despite being from the future and another dimension respectively? They've each been to the contemporary world before, in crossovers, so it would make sense that their power info would be intertwined to the morphing grid.
    • There's also the fact that the SPD Earth branch has existed as early as 2001, and we are now beyond the years that Sky's dad was active, so the B-Squad suits of 2025 could exist simultaneously to Super Megaforce. Just with different users obviously.
    • The use of the Dairanger Suits is implied to be because they're a Ranger Team that didn't come from Earth. This is actually consistent with what the series has shown in the past that multiple other planets have had their own teams, such an Aquatar, KO-35 , andMirinoi (while the Space and Lost Galaxy teams we see were primarily human, the original members of both teams were natives to their homeworld before the humans took up the mantel). It is entirely possible that, particularly in the case of the Lost Galaxy Rangers, Gosei would have had to get powers from another world anyway and decided to get all the Ranger Teams in the known universe.
  • The exchange between the Rangers and Cybax in "Earth Fights Back" might sound familiar. As it turns out, both their mottos (The Rangers willing to give up anything to protect the planet, and Cybax saying that if the Armada wants something, they'll just take it) come from its source material... With the twist being that those mottos belong to the opposite groups, with one of the bad guys having the mantra of sacrificing something to gain another, and Marvelous' own mantra of just taking something if he wants it.
    • If you read a bit into this, it does make sense that they're switched around. The Rangers are inheriting all the other powers of the Power Rangers, and with it, their duty to protect the Earth and willing to give everything they got into saving it. Recall that in Gokaiger, the Sentai are more than willing to permanently give up their powers if it means the Zangyack are gone with it. They weren't space pirates who only learned about their heritage once they landed on Earth like their counterparts, and so the mantra of taking something if they want it never occur in their heads. Meanwhile, the Armada's ruthlessness is reflected in their motto and could be akin to that of a pirate. What is usually said after "If we want it, we'll just take it" is "that's what pirates do."
  • Vekar's timer on the bombs might seem odd, especially for someone as Dangerously Genre Savvy as he was, but his bomb was set to explode sometime in the middle of the night, when the Power Rangers could be sleeping and thus unable to defend the Earth from the missile attack. Keep in mind that the only problem that led to his plan unraveling was that Troy managed to look at the mooks working on the missiles.
  • Jake laughing at SPD's Delta Runner and calling it a 'car zord' may be interpreted as a Take That to Turbo, but it adds an irony over the fact that Jake's zord is also a car zord, and a racer one at that.
  • Orion's Megazord is stated to be the Q-Rex instead of a new zord altogether. This makes sense as it's shown, as in Gokaiger, to come back in time from the future. The Q-Rex was never destroyed and remained in the present day instead of returning to the future, it's quite possible that at some point between the present and the future, the Q-Rex will be modified into the form we see now.
  • In Gokaiger, the Silver Ranger is an Earth-born newbie whose infectious (and treated as such) enthusiasm stands in stark contrast to the more cynical Human Alien Sentai, even the gentlest of whom has been hardened by the loss of their worlds and loved ones, with this reversed for Super Megaforce. While Orion tends PR-friendly instead of Sentai-fractious, much of his style and attitude while fighting seems more like that of Marvelous and company.
    • Also, due to the original Sentai footage been used, whenever Orion gets in the suit and uses his zord, he seems to act in a less collected way, losing his cold demeanor. In story, his dialogue gots peppered with lots of hoary, almost hysterical references to "justice", "vengeance", constant references to the final fate of Andrasia and requests to be the one giving the final blow to the Armada: basically, wherever Orion is empowered, he vents towards the Armada all the rage, sorrow and helplessness he felt when his entire people died.
      • A subset of the Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, the Survivor's Guilt, lists between its symptoms depression, social withdrawal and mood swings.

Fridge Horror
  • The monster of the week of episode 3 is capable of converting people into Loogies by sneazing on them. Is it therefor possible that all of the Loogies are in fact assimilated people from other conquered planets?
  • Creepox's attack in Episode 7 had to have had a significant body count...
  • Episode 9's MoTW was absorbing electrical energy from cars, cellphones, kitchen appliances, etc. What would've happened if the energy was absorbed from hospitals? A lot of patients would've been dead...
    • The episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger Episode 9 was adapted from (Epic 19) went there, however. And it was the fiercest the Rangers had ever defended at that point in time.
  • Episode 18 features buildings and, at one point, a civilian train being disintergrated! No claims of "abandoned warehouse district", no reassurances that the buildings were empty. There's nothing to imply that the body count didn't just skyrocket. In fact, aside from RPM, this season may have some of the highest numbers of civilian deaths ever.
  • And just when you thought the death toll couldn't go any higher, we get the invasion from the Armada in episode one of Super Megaforce.
    • We even get a good look at the damage caused to the mall and the school.
    • Another raise to the death counter with the fact Orion's entire planet was wiped out, with him the only survivor.

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