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Headscratchers: Power Rangers Megaforce
  • How exactly will the Legend War work for the adaptation? The Zyuranger suits alone were reused over three separate adaptations, meaning Dairanger won't be used at all aside from Kibaranger. Then there's the fact that the whole team from Power Rangers Turbo aside from Justin was reused for Power Rangers in Space, while the entire team from Zeo was just a transplant of the original team. Speaking of the original team, that brings me to Tommy. He alone played four separate Rangers (five if you count his time as the Red Turbo Ranger).
    • Easy, there's been more than enough substitutes, replacements and clones over the years. Only real question is Tommy.
      • MMPR: Jason-Red, Zack-Black, Kimberly-Pink, Aisha (or an always-helmeted never-speaking Trini)-Yellow, Billy-Blue, Tom (the clone) back from the Colonial Era-Green, not sure about White (maybe the White Stranger from the Wild West, picked up by Tom on his way to the present?)
      • Aquitar Rangers there to use the Kakuranger suits
      • Zeo: Tommy-Red (its his Red role, if he has one role, it'd be this one), Tanya-Yellow, Adam-Black, Rocky-Blue, Kat-Pink, Trey-Gold
      • Alternatively, Tommy goes with his Dino Thunder suit because its bonded to him exclusively, and gives the Zeonizers to his brother David Trueheart (who would also never be shown helmetless or speak)
      • Turbo: The Robot Duplicates of TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie from The Robot Ranger, plus Justin as a token human since he doesn't need a robot to cover for him
      • Space: As in canon
      • Dino Thunder: Not sure how Tommy'd cover this one, since he never had a clone associated with this role. Maybe Anton Mercer will somehow cover for Tommy for this role as penance, unless Tommy goes with this role and gets his brother to cover for Zeo.
    • Gonna going into Wild Mass Guessing here. I'm thinking either they get really complex and stagger it out. Say for example, start with just the original six Mighty Morphin' Rangers, then have Tommy switch from green to white. Then add the Alien Rangers, then add the Zeo Rangers and have Tommy switch from White to Red, etc. Granted that would take a long time and probably be extremely expensive. The other possible way? Clones. Just simply say that Gosei creates clones for every Ranger who had more than one power set and after the battle the clones merge together with their originals. Simple.
    • Also, keep in mind that its almost guaranteed that nine out of ten returning rangers in the War will be non-speaking morph-only roles, due to the simple improbability of getting all hundred-something actors to return (particularly when Thuy Trang is dead and Danny Slavin needed to have a favor called in to get involved with the last reunion he was invited to); the explanation will likely be left as an exercise for the sufficiently pedantic viewer to explain, as I did above, much like they did the repowerings shown in Forever Red.
    • The most likely scenario will probably involve some type of technology that will re-animate the powers in the suits without an actual ranger in them, similar to the empty Murderous Mannequins Basco unleashed on the Gokaiger.
      • Or as explained in an answer to a question found at the bottom of this page, the Morphing Grid gains sentience with every good versus evil struggle; and with an influx of evil that has never been experienced before, the Grid decides to help out via its "heroic mannequins".
    • Thanks to a blunder with the stock footage, Ryuuranger has appeared after all.
    • They could just have the same Rangers picked out from different points in time.
  • Okay, it is nitpicking but it still kind of bothers me. Why couldn't Noah pick up Jake's axe? Jake was able to swing it around unmorphed, so why can't Noah swing it morphed? I mean come on, Bridge threw a car and Adam split the ground open for example. Even if their powers aren't as strong it can't be a far stretch to think the guy can lift a seemingly 50 pound axe.
    • Maybe that's the whole point. Jake kept telling Noah that all he had to do was believe in himself. Now I don't care how much you believe in yourself, if you don't have the muscle, you can't lift something that's too heavy, it's just a fact. But maybe the increase of physical strength that comes from a ranger's powers only works if they believe in it and themselves. Kind of like Dillon's shield in RPM. Noah didn't believe so the strength increase didn't work for him to begin with.
    • I think of it as an artifact from the Goseiger episode where the fight footage came from. Gosei Blue had issues lifting the ax so Noah had to have the same problem.
  • Noah the scientific mind of the group believes robots are a species???
    • He probably was talking about A.I. and, in the great discussion of A.I. as a person or as a tool, he is in the side that says robots are people too.
      • He also said that they would be running on perpetual motion engines. Isn't that deemed impossible by scientific minds because it supposedly breaks the laws of thermodynamics?
      • This is Power Rangers, where people can breathe on the moon, instead of bleeding they have sparks fly (yes even out of the suits), they are constantly hit by explosions yet never get any burns and are still able to hear, there are human on other planets other than Earth, and countless other illogical events occur that break the laws of everything. In short, Power Rangers is a series that makes anyone with a science education past kindergarten face palm.
    • Considering the original series is canon and that a race of sentient robots canonically existed, it makes more sense than it seems.
    • Also Noah probably considers all life machines, albeit of different types (electrochemical for example). By that reasoning robots are indeed a species.
  • Why do the rangers wear the exact same outfits in every single episode?
    • One would assume so that the audience doesn't notice that they are wearing different clothes during the stock morphing sequence. (This was incredibly noticeable in other seasons. Zeo being the worst offender.)
    • Also likely Viewers Are Morons. They probably think the kids watching the show won't recognise the rangers unless they wear the same thing every episode. Same thing happened in Lost Galaxy and Time Force. It's either this or a team uniform.
      • That was never a problem in previous seasons, why would it be one now? It's probably just a budget issue, they don't have a huge amount of money for the wardrobe so the Rangers (initially) only have one civilian outfit. It's starting to get a little better in recent episodes.
  • So are the Warstar aliens or not? They are initially stated to be that, but then Vrak makes several comments that seem to imply that they're descended from Earth insects. Which one is it?
    • I got the implication that they are only similar to Earth insects. They are still aliens, yes, but they are insect-like, so Creepox and Vrak tend to reference Earth insects a lot as a reference point.
    • Vrak outright states that he's an alien in United we Stand.
  • I'll admit this is a tiny little nitpick, but has anyone else noticed we've went from Mia and Emily to Gia and Emma? If the Limited Wardrobe is supposed to be because Viewers Are Morons, you'd think they wouldn't use names that are so similar to the last team.
    • I bet they did it deliberately in an attempt to make the transition to a new group of characters easier for younger audiences. Older fans are used to changing teams every year, but Samurai brought in a whole new load of young fans who aren't aware of this. It's also worth noting that Troy, Noah and Jake are quite similar to Jayden, Kevin and Mike in terms of personality. The serious one with an intriguing subplot (Jayden's secret, Troy's visions), the studious one (who both happen to be African American) and the laid back, fun loving one (who both have a romantic subplot with the Yellow Ranger).
  • First robots are a species and now "Some scientists believe that dreams sometimes foretell the future"? Really Noah? Starting to believe Noah's scientific mind is more Informed Ability than ability.
    • Bear in mind he did use the word some. That indicates that he doesn't mean the majority. And it is true that some scientists do research in the field of precognitive dreams. From what I've looked at, it seems like there isn't much evidence to indicate that it's true, but then again a nerd like Noah might be just the type to be interested in really obscure branches of science that most people haven't even heard of.
    • Also keep in mind that this is the Power Rangers Universe, in the past 20 years they have seen invasions of aliens, demons, aliens with magic, mutants; superheroes with ninja powers, magic powers, alien powers. They have had contact with a naturally telekinetic alien species for some 15 years, and there's at least one 9-year-old with the ability to see the future and people's auras! Really prophetic dreams are nothing weird here.
  • Is it just me, or does the mutants' motivation not really make much sense? They are upset with humanity for spreading pollution, except that they were created from and feed on pollution, and their plan to attack humanity is to spread more of it so they can grow stronger.
    • It is incredibly poorly defined. The best explanation I can think of is that while the pollution gives the mutants their power, it doesn't necessarily mean they like it. So they hate humans for polluting the earth, but since it makes them powerful, they're willing to cause more pollution to give themselves the power to conquer humanity.
    • I just thought that the mutants weren't upset with the humans. They came to life from the sludge that humans ignored and want to cause the rest of the world to be like that. They only mention that it's humans' fault because they are trying to show how the humans (in an incredibly roundabout way) are the cause of there own demise.
  • Similiar to the Ranger War above, but there is another thing about it that seems off. Lets assume that all the Rangers from MMPR to Megaforce loose their powers and they are changed into the Keys like Gokaiger. However, a major plot hole is that it has been confirmed that the suits used for Super Megaforce will be the main 5 Goseiger suits and the Silver Pirate suit. So, how can this be, since the powers of the Megaforce team look like they are going to be sacrificed?
    • Well the Megaforce team will need to acquire all of the past ranger powers in order to use them next season. So it's most likely that once they find them, they get their own powers back at the same time. Being the original holders of the Megaforce powers, they don't need to be turned into keys in order to be used.
      • On the same subject. I recall in the original MMPR, Tommy's Green Ranger powers were limited due to the spell of the green candle, now that it turns out that the Green Ranger key exists in Gokaiger and it will probably turn up in Super Megaforce... will the curse of the Green Candle still affect the Green Ranger Key and what if someone "gokai changes" with it, will it still cause the same ailments Tommy went through whenever he morphed?
      • The powers were recreated, though, for the evil clone of Tommy they left in Colonial British California. Presumably the Green Ranger powers used in the coming War, and the resulting Key, will derive from that recreated coin rather than the Candle-drained original.
      • I really doubt they're going to go into the back story about the Green Ranger clone. The simpler explanation would be to just say that original Dragon Coin has been re-powered somehow. It wouldn't be that hard, we've seen other ranger powers (including other Power Coins) be restored. The Sentinel Knight could do it, Gosei could do it, Ninjor could do it (consideing he made the thing in the first place) or hell, even the Morphing Grid could do it. The Morphing Grid is said to be powered by the conflict between good and evil. With such a massive fleet of aliens attacking all at once, the Morphing Grid could just restore every ranger power that's been lost.
  • Okay, this is stupid but it bothers me: In "Who's Crying Now?" the Rangers say that Troy made the bullies "see the light", but nothing of what Troy did in that episode made Not-Bulk and Not-Skull change, they're the same bullies after he face them than before; what actually made them change was Howie standing up to Creepox to protect them.
    • Also the bullies and the monsters asking if Troy if he's gonna cry really seems like a ContrivedCoincidence
  • Why did Gosei wake up now of all times? There's at least half a dozen instances in the past where you think his presence would be a bit more needed than the case of a few bumbling bug aliens showing up. You would think that the Ranger powers being destroyed or all the evil in the galaxy invading the planet would have crossed well over the Godzilla Threshold.
    • I think Zordon had a Plan for events up through the end of In Space, and Gosei didn't want to interfere in his mentor's planned Heroic Sacrifice (since interference might mean altering things so it doesn't end with the currently dominant intergalactic tyrannical regime completely wiped out). As for why he didn't involve himself later... maybe he just thought the humans had stuff in hand in the other seasons. I have a WMG up that he was involved in getting ranger technology to the various completely-human organizations that have had it since, and don't have much of a history with it (IE, Lightspeed, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury), so maybe he just prefers to be low-key and behind-the-scenes whenever his direct intervention isn't necessary.
    • This troper remembers that most of the tension in Turbo came from Dimitria being less experienced and able to help than Zordon was, and Zordon was recognized, up to In Space, as a revered and all-powerful leader. Thus while we can now see that the Super Megaforce initiative is a good plan (as Gosei was basically able to put the Armada on stand-off possible encompassing the whole series), we can't assume that Gosei was already ready to enact it during In Space or that he even felt confident enough to basically replace Zordon.
    • Furthermore, we know for sure that the Super Megaforce powers weren't the only plan Gosei had in mind: his main weapon used to be Robo Knight himself, until he lost him: as far as we know, the Megaforce initiative was just completed when the Warstar attacked, and Gosei used the extra time to work the kinks in the Super Megarforce in time for the Armada.
  • In a recent episode, Admiral Malchor has pointed out that Vrak never smiles... except, Vrak always has this smug smirk on his face, and even has a few evil laughs in here and there.
  • So Malkor biting the head of a zombat made it in uncensored, but showing him getting incinerated in the ship explosion is too violent?
  • So apparently, a Samurai ranger will be making an appearance but not a Wild Force ranger? That's gonna be a problem; in Gokaiger the Shinkenger megazord power-up was always used in conjunction with Gaoranger, and it was one of their most used configurations. Are they gonna just ignore the giant robot lion that shows up whenever they use it?
  • On the same note, another of the most used configurations is Hurricanger/Ninja Storm, but that's not gonna be in there either? I'm really wondering what the Megazord fights are going to be like with these limitations.
    • They aren't going to be copying Gokaiger with regular cameos for each past season, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to use the zords. Episode summaries have already appeared online and two episodes in particular have indicated that the rangers will be visiting the Animarium and Corinth city where they will no doubt acquire the Lion and Falcon zords. I don't know what they're planning exactly for the Mystic Dragon, Delta Runner 1 and the Minizord, but they'll definately be introducing them, just in a different way to the Sentai version.
    • According to the episode previews on Ranger Wiki, sadly it does appear that they'll be skipping most of the Megazord powerups. 13 episodes into a 20 episode season, (and the thirteenth is the one where they get their Ultrazord) and all they've got is Wild Force/Samurai and RPM (Jungle Fury was just a one-time attack, not a Megazord mode). By that point in Gokaiger they had Mystic Force, SPD and Ninja Storm.
  • I have to wonder, does Gosei even know what has happened to his mentor Zordon?
    • Zordon knew he would not live to see a much worse invasion of Earth than what the United Alliance of Evil did (since he was already weakened by the time the UAE captured and detained him). Therefore, sometime before his capture, he advised Gosei to keep a very low profile, and then awaken when the time of the Armada's invasion draws near.
  • Is the pirate motif just going to be an Elephant in the Room? None of the revealed power-up and zord names seem to have anything to do with it.
    • Most likely. It wouldn't be the first time. Despite having ninjas as a theme for season three, they downplayed the ninja theme when the time came to adapt the Kakurangers themselves. At best we may get a joke about how the team are pirating the previous ranger powers.
  • So where do the Ranger Keys come from? They can't be copies cause some of the teams have lost their powers, and one team isn't even from this universe!
    • Remember that Gosei is Zordon's apprentice, right? Zordon knew that if any ranger should fall in battle without finding an immediate worthy replacement, at least part of the essence of that fallen ranger must still remain thanks to the Morphing Grid (because once a certain team of rangers establish a link to the Grid by morphing, there will be bits and traces of the energy being transmitted that will remain, much like the way data is transmitted across networks). He eventually found out a way to encapsulate that essence into a compact object (say, a key); but he kept that technique a secret due to concerns of abuse by the forces of evil. Before he was captured, he entrusted this technique to his worthy successor. As for the alternate universe concern, let's just say the Morphing Grid encompasses all space-time.
  • In Earth Fights Back, the rangers morph into RPM, then a team which has never been seen on Earth before. Gosei, where the hell did you find the Gosei Sentai Dairanger powers!?!
    • Well strictly speaking, how did Gosei get hold of the RPM powers if they come from an alternate universe? Or the SPD or Time Force powers which come from the future? Or even the Aquitar and Lost Galaxy powers which are also on other planets?
    • For the second set of questions, look up to the answer to the above-bulleted question ("the Morphing Grid encompasses all space-time", where Gosei can harvest viable traces of Ranger energy). As for the Dairanger powers, there are several theories:
      • They could be prototypes of the Galaxy Rangers' powers (as Lost Galaxy originally meant to use the Dairangers but dumped in favor of the Gingamen).
      • They were fashioned out of a combination of the White Ranger's powers, the powers of the Thunderzords, and whatever remains of the original MMPR rangers' powers.
      • Orion originally had those powers, but secretly gave them to Gosei because he could not utilize them for some reason.
      • Another possibility is that they're another alien ranger team and Gosei decided 'hey, I have to get the Galaxy, Space, and Aquitar Ranger powers, why not get the other planets while I'm at it?' and the other Ranger Teams we see are simply alien ranger teams that never had reason to come to Earth.
      • And the Hikari Sentai Maskman and the Choushinsei Flashman powers? Oh by the way, the Rangers can access the MMPR team just fine.
      • The Dairenger powers are presented as "New modes that have never been seen before on this planet". Then the Megaforce Rangers proceed to call them "new powers". On their perspective, they were new powers. On Gosei's perspective, the keys channel powers belonging to some alien team of Rangers (like the Alien Rangers from Aquitar were) that never came to Earth, and so are new to Eartheners.
  • Same episode as above. After the megazord battle, the rangers decided to go to space and wipe out the armada's frontlines. The question is, why in Zordon's name didn't they just go up a bit further, find the commanding warship, and blow it to smitherness? If the warship is stationed between earth and moon, just like in Gokaiger, then why didn't they finish it off? Heck, they actually managed to get on the moon itself, so there's no excuse for them to miss the biggest and the most distinguishable spaceship. I know it's Gokaiger's first episode footage where they were running away from Zangyack, and that was justified. The problem here is that there's no justification for the rangers not going after the villains. It's like they decided to only trim the frontlines and call it a day, missing a huge opportunity to hit the villains where it hurts the most.
    • Although it's not stated, I would imagine either Vekar's flagship retreated the moment things started to go bad (wouldn't you?) and/or it's a more advanced ship, meaning it'd be better protected against the Megazord's weapons. I think the objective here was to simply get rid of the fleet that was currently pointing all their weapons at Earth (although I would bet five Ranger Keys that a new fleet will suddenly be there by the next episode). This does provide an interesting stalemate. The villains can't wipe Earth out in one shot because the Rangers can tear through their fleet with ease, and the Rangers can't just take out the main villains right away because they're too well protected by the rest of the fleet.
      • According to the original source material, Vekar's flagship (the Gigant Horse in Gokaiger) is a basically indestructible flying fortress: if the same applies in the Power Ranger's universe, the best Troy could do was giving Vekar some sort of warning (by wiping out the front lines of the Armada almost effortlessly) initiating a planet-wide stalemate. The Power Rangers turned a short, one-sided invasion into a time, resources consuming siege.
  • I know they're trying to match Sentai footage and all, but in "Blue Saber Saga", just why does the base have keys for the basic Megaforce Rangers? What would happen if a Super Mega Ranger used one? Would it still count as Legendary Mode? Would they only be able to stay in the mode for a brief time?
    • Think of Legendary Modes as instantaneous job/class/schema changes (see Final Fantasy X-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII) that fit whatever the situation the (Super) Megaforce Rangers are in. Reverting to Megaforce mode would not be considered a downgrade — the mode would be treated just as another job/class/schema, but fully accessible from the get-go. Nobody raised a stink when Lightning can use her two previous outfits in Lightning Returns via Old Save Bonus, so that sort of logic must apply here.
  • We see suits belonging to FIVE unadapted Sentai teams. Dairanger, which is named Legendary Squadron, Flashman, which is called Prism, Maskman, Changeman (both referred to as Blitz, though the latter may be a French dub error as the English version hasn't aired yet - Maskman was also referred to as Thunder, a name more befitting the Dairangers who are the true owners of the Thunderzords, and Changeman was called the powers of the legendary dragon) and Fiveman, which appears to be called Supersonic. Dairanger was said to be rangers never before seen on Earth. Another Alien Rangers team like the Aquitians then, fair enough. The other four are never explained. In fact, Fiveman's sole appearance was in a fight that was already partly reshot to replace Sun Vulcan's red ranger with Mighty Morphin's. That's the real headscratcher - why didn't they just replace all five pre-Zyuranger suits?
    • Probably to save money. Even if getting some of the pre-Zyu costumes would cost something, it still allowed them to shoehorn in some Sentai footage.
  • From what I understand, Super Mega Mode is supposedly just a powerup and not a new set of powers, which explains why the Rangers usually morph into regular Megaforce before going Super Mega. Yet, there are times where they bypass Megaforce altogether and go straight to Super Mega Mode without any ill consequences on their part. What gives with that?
    • Even when they morph directly into Super Mega Mode, the stock footage showing the Megaforce footage is played. My guess is that if they use the Legedanry Morphers and Ranger Keys even when unmorphed, it automatically forms the Megaforce suit underneath the Super Mega one.
  • Why only seek out the Red Lion & not the other wild zords as well?
  • I know this sounds like a dumb question, but why is the Armada invading Earth? I know this is Power Rangers, and the enemies are usually of the Card-Carrying Villain sort, but there's usually a goal they have in mind. The goal is not always deep, but it makes sense, be it enslaving the population, gaining power, revenge, etc. Pure For the Evulz is actually rare for this franchise.
    • By the sound of things it seems the goal is universal conquest.
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