Heartwarming / Power Rangers Megaforce

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  • Right off the bat, the first episode is full of references to "Day of the Dumpster", the very first episode of Power Rangers. It's bound to bring a smile to the face of any long-time fan.
  • Troy seems to be a firm believer that Humans Are Special.
    Troy: We humans never abandon our friends!
  • Emma using her singing and her (admittedly narmy) song during "Harmony and Dizchord" to save the day, with cherry blossoms and everything.
  • The display of friendship between Jake and Noah in "Going Viral".
  • Troy's treatment of Jordan in Stranger Ranger. Instead of being a jerk to him or humiliating him for taking credit for Troy's heroism, Troy is nothing but civil to the guy, calmly explaining why it's too dangerous for Jordan to do what he's doing, all the while encouraging Jordan genuinely wants to be a hero. At the end of the episode, Troy even takes steps to befriend Jordan.
  • "United We Stand": Showing Emma and Gia's friendship with photographing the flowers, particularly for Gia as the photos they share are for their eyes only.
    • Lessened a bit when she sends the photo to the local newspaper... Though Gia was still happy saying it show the world that she and Emma are friend (and not enemies as Beezara made them).
  • A brief one from "Man and Machine" where Robo Knight comforts a kid who's parents were attacked by the monster of the episode.
  • Emma trying to tell the people not to give up on their dreams during "Dream Snatcher". Showing that even if your dreams are shattered, that doesn't mean you should give up on them.
    • The whole finale of the episode is a CMOH. The team gathers on a hillside to view a meteor shower while Emma sets up her camera to take pictures of the moment (one of her many wishes). Everybody comments on how amazing the meteor shower, but when Jake says it, he's focusing on Gia. Emma then says since Robo Knight (who earlier declined the invitation to focus on his mission) isn't with them, they should make a wish for him, encouraging them to hold hands together, something Jake was clearly hoping for because it means holding hands with Gia. Emma then wishes for a peaceful world without evil and pollution. And the final shot shows Robo Knight on top of the hill behind them, looking up at the sky as the meteors fly across the horizon. Combined with the background music, it is quite the CMOH.
    • Cheesy beyond belief, but yeah, undeniably heartwarming.
  • Gosei coming to the Rangers' rescue to save them from the Aurora Box, telling them he'll always help them when they need him.
  • The Christmas Special episode, 'The Robo knight Before Christmas', is just heartwarming in general, with Robo Knight telling a village of African children (He is mistaken for a donated Christmas toy and is shipped to Africa) about the true meaning of Christmas, and about his adventures with the Rangers. Serious Narm Charm in this one.
  • The showing of Even Evil Has Loved Ones in Super Megaforce's premiere episode. Levira expresses sadness that she can't track down Vrak, and Prince Vekar announces that they will conquer the Earth as an act of vengeance for his brother's assumed death. You get the feeling Prince Vekar was a little bit half-hearted about the whole thing, but at least Levira seemed genuine.
    • And when Emperor Mavro shows up, he wants revenge for the loss of his sons. He really did care about both of them. (Consider that much of the episode is a straight-up translation of its Gokaiger counterpart... but with that one important change.)
  • In "Silver Lining, Part 2" Orion and Tensou have a conversation in the alien's native language. When you consider that Orion seems to be the Last of His Kind and thus has no one else to talk like that with, the smile that he sports for that brief moment says everything.
  • In the Finale, after the Rangers have had their Zords destroyed by the Armada, people are left injured and stranded in the rubble of the city...and then we see Carter and Dana rush to the scene and save a man in distress. Leo saves a boy's puppy that'd be buried in rubble. Tommy saves a young boy trapped in a car on the verge of falling off a high ledge. TJ and Cassie rescue a group of people trapped in an elevator. And that's just what we see. Say what you will about the finale, but it's definitely touching to see all the past Rangers coming to the rescue of people in need.
    • For those who watched In Space and Lost Galaxy, this one line makes many hearts melt:
      Karone: I love being a Power Ranger...
      • Think about what this in particular means for Karone. Last time something like this happened? She was leading the invasion. This time? She's helping the HEROES fight OFF the invasion. It's easy to imagine that Karone felt a sense of redemption and closure from this. Especially with the thoughtful way she looks at the helmet, and then the moment we see Astronema's face superimposed over her (the returning Rangers got a similar flash with their Ranger forms.) You know she's thinking about where she's been and the journey to this point.
      • Becomes hilarious in hindsight when you remember that at one point, as Astronoma, she once said that she "Never wanted to be a Power Ranger."
    • It just shows why all of them were chosen to be Power Rangers — even with the loss of their powers and/or retirement, they never stopped being heroes.
  • "Time to create a new legend!"
    • With this, they take their place in history.