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Trivia: Power Rangers Megaforce
  • Creator Backlash: Cameron Jebo (Orion) has stated some of his negative feelings towards the season on Twitter. Pointing out Orion barely being there, and the show's writing.
  • Dawson Casting: Not a single actor whose age is known is an actual teenager; Ciara Hanna (Gia) and John Loudermilk (Noah) are 21, Andrew Gray (Troy) is 25, and Christina Masterson (Emma) is 23 (though some sources state that she's 29). Azim Rizk's (Jake) age is 23, but he's the only one who looks like he could pass for a teenager.
  • Development Gag: Mr. Burley is named after Lee Burley, aka DarkBlaze, a longtime fan and member of the show's "Power Force" (a group of fans who function as combination consultants/street team.) Confirmed by him on Twitter during the premiere.
  • Fandom Nod: The main five dressing as Ranger-civilians at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014.
  • Fan Nickname: Tensou is being referred to as "Wall E" or Johnny 5 by quite a number of fans, along with some people calling Gosei "Olmec".
    • When referring to the massive battle from Troy's dreams, fans commonly use the Gokaiger name for it, the "Legend War".
      • "Mega War" is becoming quite popular too now as a reference to the show's name (the fact that JDF referred to it as such may have something to do with it).
    • RoboCop Knight for Robo Knight due to having similar voices and mannerisms.
    • "Cameo Rangers" for the group of actors that came back to, at the very least, show up during part of the Mega War.
    • Some fans referred Super Megaforce as "Goseikaiger".
    • Some fans refer to the currently unnamed Dairanger mode as "Bring-on-the-new-powers Rangers."
      • Power Rangers Star Force in quite common as well, since the name was used in a casting side whose script very closely resembled the Dairanger tribute episode of Gokaiger.
      • This lead some fans to snark about how New Powers as if it was a real season, complete with Nostalgia Thread.
    • And now some fans are referring to the unnamed Maskman mode as "Power Rangers Blitz" from Gia's line "Legendary Ranger Blitz!"
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Geoffrey Dolan, the voice of Gosei, was also the voices of Koragg and Dai Shi, while Campbell Cooley, the voice of Admiral Malkor, was the voice of Alpha 6 in "Once a Ranger" as well as several monsters in previous seasons.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: The series marks the first appearance of the Gosei Sentai Dairanger suits outside of the White Ranger.
  • Milestone Celebration: The series is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise.
    • Thus, there are several references to all seasons, such as "It's Morphin' Time!" and Samurai's "Go Go Samurai" as "Go Go Megaforce".
      • Speaking of Samurai, the season's theme is similar to the Samurai theme. But proven different with a scene from "Who's Crying Now" when Troy activates the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord's Victory Charge, part of the theme is playing in the background and is similar to In Space's theme.
  • Name's the Same: The Gokaiger suits are referred to as Super Mega Mode. This name was also used in Samurai for when a ranger accessed Mega Mode while already using Super Samurai Mode.
  • One of Us: The Megaforce team seems to really get a kick out of being rangers.
  • Romance on the Set: It has become clear that this is the case for Ciara Hanna and Jason Smith, who will reprise his role as Casey, the Jungle Fury Red Ranger during the filming of the Super Megaforce half of the season. Just look at Ciara's Instagram, Twitter and especially Facebook.
    • Take this with a grain of salt, some sources claim that Ciara has a boyfriend back in the States.
  • Schedule Slip: The tenth episode was scheduled to air on May 18th of 2013, but was pushed back to an unknown date for equally unknown reasons. It wasn't until mid-August that a new airdate of September 7th was announced.
    • And in the UK, Megaforce's premiere on Nickelodeon was delayed so much that it still hasn't started, and now Channel Five is going to be doing the UK premiere instead. Again, the reason why Nick let this happen is unknown.
    • Channel Hop: Nick never did air it - it aired on Nicktoons instead.
    • And both Channel 5 and Nicktoons dropped the show after that. Super Megaforce instead airs on Pop, which is owned by the same company as Kix, which airs old seasons (Currently, they air all seasons between Time Force (Season 9) and RPM (Season 17). There was only a week's notice of this, and therefore a lot of viewers will likely miss the show due to not expecting it to be on that channel. It's also not on cable and isn't available nationwide on Freeview. Screwed by the Network and Bad Export for You come to mind.
  • Shown Their Work: The stances that Emma and Jake learn while training with Casey are at least based on the stances of Phoenix and Snake Kung Fu, which are their animal spirits.
  • What Could Have Been: Many fans have been utterly vocal over the fact that a number of former Rangers are not coming back for Super Megaforce, mostly due to the fact that they weren't asked or they declined the invitation. Among those who aren't coming back are David Yost (declined because of how he felt the invitation was an insult because it was the same as everyone else and felt that they should at least have apologized for harassing him during filming of MMPR), Walter Jones (Out of support for David in regards to how he was treated), Steve Cardenas (declined due to the low pay for the brief cameo, which is a reason many others declined), Rhett Fisher (invited, then uninvited due to budget constraints), and almost everyone from the Disney-era (most of them were never tapped,) and others still were adamant about saying their issue wasn't specifically money, but other extenuating circumstances (Valerie Vernon wanted to do it, but now has children and wasn't given enough time to prepare arrangements to allow her to make the trip to New Zealand. Erin Cahill also wanted to return, but had to refuse because Rangers is a non-union production and she is currently a SAG-member.) Amy Jo Johnson was also contacted, but her agent didn't give her the invitation because it was the same as everyone elses.
    • It's been rumored that Saban wanted to skip adapting Goseiger and go straight to Gokaiger for the 20th anniversary, but Executive Meddling prevented that.
    • Orion's actor, Cameron Jebo, originally tried out for the part of Troy.
    • If the casting sheet is to be believed, there was originally going to be a subplot where Jake wanted to tell everybody he was a Power Ranger, only to be stopped by the secret identity rule.
  • Written By Former Cast Member : Jason Smith, the Red Jungle Fury Ranger, wrote a few Super Megaforce episodes.

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