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Trivia: Power Rangers Samurai
  • Bad Export for You: Only the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Gold Ranger, and the Megazord appeared in Malaysia, as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy.
  • Fake Nationality: Steven Skyler, Antonio's actor, is not Spanish at all. He's Thai/German and just happens to look kinda Spanish. [It's especially funny because Hector David, Jr. (Mike the Green Ranger), really is Latino, though not actually Spanish (different sources claim he's either Puerto Rican or Cuban.)]
    • Additionally, despite being about Samurai and being the most Japan-centric season Rangers has ever done, Erika Fong (the Asian member of the team) is actually descended from a Korean mother and Chinese father. Eventually you have to wonder if maybe the ancient Samurai deliberately did this to protect their families and throw off the Nighlocks.
    • Many assumed that Deker was meant to be Japanese, giving how close the series was sticking to Shinkenger. However, this seems to have been averted, as his backstory has been altered.
  • Fan Nickname: Mentor Mentor; or Mentor, the Mentor
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Steven Skyler previously appeared as one of the Dalton Warblers in Glee in the episode "Never Been Kissed".
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The MOTW in Antonio's episode introduction is voiced by Ari Boyland, who played Flynn from Power Rangers RPM. Pity as he didn't voice the Scottish MOTW in the previous episode.
    • Antberry is voiced by Barnie Duncan, AKA Piggy/Toby.
    • For the Japanese dub...
      • Koji Yusa is Jayden / Red Samurai Ranger.
      • Sachiko Kojima is Mia / Pink Samurai Ranger.
      • Wataru Hatano is Mike / Green Samurai Ranger.
      • Tsuguo Mogami is Kevin / Blue Samurai Ranger.
      • Ayaka Shinoyamada is Emily / Yellow Samurai Ranger.
      • Yoji Ueda is Mentor Ji.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: With the show being an almost Shot for Shot Remake of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, it was hard for many people to avoid spoilers and those who had seen Shinkenger knew exactly where the series was going.
    • Also the series started airing the final episodes in latin america a couple months before the United States.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: According to the reports that came out of Power Morphicon, Rick Medina (Deker) was very down to earth and friendly. It's especially interesting, because he had the exact opposite problem after Wild Force. After playing good guy Cole, he then appeared on the reality show Kept, where he had a reputation as an egotistical Jackass. Either he's mellowed in recent years, or he was Genre Savvy enough to realize that the really annoying people on reality shows usually get the most airtime, and was working it to his advantage.
  • Name's the Same: Mike has the same first name as Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's Magna Defender, Mike Corbett.
  • One of Us: With the exception of Steven Skyler (who said he didn't watch much TV at all as a kid,) all the Ranger actors have mentioned watching Power Rangers as kids and being fans when they were younger. Take that with a grain of salt, since a few sounded like they were being told what to say (and odds are pretty good at least one of them wouldn't have been)... with the exception of Hector David, Jr. (Mike), who's clearly getting the biggest thrill out of it.
  • Screwed by the Network: Besides being underpromoted, as well as having to comply with Nickelodeon's "20 episodes per season" limit (resulting in the show having to produce a "second season"), the most recent hiatus during the Super Samurai season lasted for five months, during which time Nickelodeon Latin America already broadcast the final episodes.note  There has been speculation that Nickelodeon may have been deliberately trying to get the show cancelled. This has mostly been disproven with Nick and Saban's latest deal to extend the series to 2016 with Power Rangers Dino Charge
  • Talking to Himself: Master Xandred and Octoroo are both voiced by Jeff Szusterman.
  • What Could Have Been: Spike's actor, Felix Ryan actually tried out for the part of the Gold Ranger.
    • An anon on 4chan's /m/ signed up for the role of the Green Ranger but didn't get the part.
    • Antonio's name was originally Wesley, but that wouldn't work out, I guess...
    • According to a recent interview, during the audition process, at one point, they moved Hector David, Jr. over to the Gold Ranger.
    • Originally Amit Bhaumik proposed that this series was to take place in Stone Canyon and Mia would be a relative of Cassie but Jonathan Tzachor decided not to go with this idea.
    • As it turns out, there's quite a lot of ideas Bhaumik had that were rejected, as this Tumblr post reveals. A few details that stand out:
      • The Red Samurai Ranger was going to be a Japanese-American young man named Mark Ozawa, descendent of a long line of samurai who fought against the Ashura Clan. His main rival would be a young man named Keiji Ayakawa, who would be revealed early on to be a descendent of Master Xandred, who in this version was defeated and petrified as a statue. Xandred would return, however, serving as the show's Bigger Bad. Keiji, jealous of Mark's samurai legacy, would readily join the Ashura Clan, as well as have the ability to transform into a demon (this would be Juzo's counterpart).
      • The other four Rangers would hail from different countries, such as Austria, Nigeria, the UK, and Mexico.
      • Bulk would have a larger role, running a sushi restaurant the Rangers would hang out in. Along with his nephew, Eugene (a prototype for Spike), they would help the Rangers, similar to the kuroko.
      • Eugene would eventually become the Gold Ranger, creating his own morpher behind the others' backs.
      • The Ashura Clan operated from the Dread Castle, a demonic version of the Osaka Castle in Japan. The Moogers were originally called "Marauders," and Akumaro/Serrator would originally be a mystic who betrayed the Red Ranger's family, resurrected by Octoroo (here named "Octomancer") as a demon.
      • Mark would hand over the title of Red Ranger to his cousin Alison (Kaoru's counterpart) when it is discovered that he is actually a descendent of the Ashura Clan.
      • Really, there's a lot of information. Check out the link above for a massive case of What Could Have Been.

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