Western Animation / Stunt Dawgs

Left to right: Needham, Skidd, Sizzle, Splat and Crash realize they've been spelling "Dawgs" wrong for years.

Ahhh, Stunt Dawgs....the cartoon no one seems able to remember, yet everyone who grew up in the early 1990s can recall on sight. One of the more underrated gems of afterschool weekday animation, it was similar to most of the early 1990s animated shows in that it had the look of a goofy and colorful slapstick 'toon, but had extremely subversive humor that most of its own demographic would never get until a decade or so later.

The premise, which was as off-kilter as the humor, focused on a group of stunt men (and one woman) aptly named the Stunt Dawgs, who live to perform the most deadly and insane stunts that no other stunt person would ever chance doing. Their rivals were the Stunt Scabs, a ragtag group of derelict stunt performers who were employed by a crazed director, who hated the Stunt Dawgs with a vengeance, and would come up with ways to either get them under his tyrannical employ, or cause them as much physical pain as humanly possible.

The Dawgs consisted of:
  • Needham, the brawny, Southern "punch first and ask questions later" leader of the team. named after Real Life stuntman and film director Hal Needham.
  • Splat, a wealthy, high class socialite who just enjoyed working with the team even though he technically didn't need the money.
  • Sizzle, the feisty redhead who had a thing for pyrotechnics, and the lone female of the team.
  • Crash, the token black guy of the group that was best known as the trendy hip guy who also had to contend with Velda, an abrasive, obese woman who was insanely in love with him (as the Expository Theme Tune noted, he was on the run 'cause he broke Velda's heart).
  • Skidd, the youngest member of the group, who was somewhat of a Cloudcuckoolander, but had occasional bouts of clarity.
  • Human, their loyal mascot/dog, who could be very anthropomorphic when he wanted.

The Scabs consisted of:
  • Richard P. Fungus ("Don't call me Dick!"), director/owner of Fungus Studios as well as the Stunt Scabs, whose primary goal was to be known as the greatest director in Hollywood history, which included forcing the Stunt Dawgs to honor any agreements via loopholes he may have concocted.
  • Slime, Fungus' lawyer who usually came up with and carried out such loopholes.
  • Lucky, member of the Scabs who seemed to be cursed with non-stop bad luck.
  • Airball, Fungus' right hand and toadying sycophant, who bore somewhat of an eerie resemblance to Napoleon Bonaparte in both voice and stature.
  • Half-a-Mind, who was somewhat of a human cyborg type character that was, as his name implied, dumb as the proverbial bag of hammers.
  • Badyear, a big, burly construction worker-esque stunt guy who was as frugal and cheap as he was big.
  • Whiz Vid, the resident genius who came up with all of their nasty inventions, and was a caricature of Jerry Lewis to boot.