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Webcomic: Ornery Boy
I hate X.

Ornery Boy is a dark humored ongoing Web Comic by Michael Ladonde, which can be read here.

It chronicles the life and adventures of Ornery Boy, an ornery man who finds joy in harassing people, along with his wife Dirty Girl, dirty as in messy, who is cheerful and nature loving. They are happily married in their creepy house along with their cat, and a rapping, martial artist zombie named Brian.

The comic's uniqueness stems from the fact that there is no Art Evolution in its 400+ run since the artist uses flash to store all of the characters as objects and pastes them. The comic's presentation however did improve on the latter half as the author began to use Flash's animating property to put snippets of animation into various frames of the comic.

Contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Ornery Boy
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