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A long running Furry Webcomic created by Scudder "White Pony" Kidwell. Despite its sizable cast, it really only features 2 original characters: Beth, the White Guardian and White Pony. The rest are cameos from at least six other webcomics. Kidwell does only a small amount of the artwork for the comic since the creators of most of the other characters that appear in the comic also contribute pages. It is mostly a funny, slice of life type comic, but has also seen several lengthy story arcs. While the longer arcs are usually handled by a single artist, sometimes, another artist will step in for a few strips or even quite a few.

The other artists include, but are not limited to Mark Stanley, Scott Kellogg, Kathy Garrison-Kellogg and Chris Kozloski.

Read it here. The original site suffered a fatal crash, but has since been resurrected on Tapastic.

This webcomic features examples of: