Webcomic: Crankrats

“Be more careful round here. Y’dunno WHAT’s gonna come crawlin’ out

Crankrats is a Steampunk webcomic begun in 2011 written and illustrated by Katherine Ellis.

Maddy and Jack were the best of friends, until the Altavian bombing of Banemberg forced them apart. Maddy’s left hand was shattered, and she fled with her family to the countryside. Jack was impaled in the bombing and was rescued when he had a generator surgically implanted into his body, turning him into a Crankrat.

Eventually, the Altavians and Bantarians signed a tenuous cease-fire. However, the treaty was conditional on the extermination of all the crankrats.

Now years later, Spirited young Madelene has returned to Banemberg to find work as a bar singer to support her family. Meanwhile in Banemberg, Jack has managed to escape the extermination of the rest of the crankrats to work at the very same bar. Maddy believes that Jack died in the bombing all those years ago. Jack on the other hand, believes that he has already found Maddy, living in the smog in the lower levels of Banemberg, now driven insane by the haze.

When Maddy’s airship comes under assault by an Altavian gunrunner, Jack drives the gunrunner away. However, the emergence of a crankrat after all these years threatens an already tenuous cease fire...

Crankrats is not updated on a regular schedule, but Kathy’s Tumblr has plenty of extra goodies to keep everyone satisfied. Crankrats also has an official Twitter to keep everyone up to date.

Crankrats can be read here or at DeviantArt. You can also support the artist by purchasing the first three chapters in hardcover format from the Crankrats shop.

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