Video Game / Overgrowth

Overgrowth is the long awaited sequel to Lugaru by Wolfire Games. Overgrowth's story, like its predecessor, takes place on Lugaru island: a place entirely populated by violent anthropomorphic animals. It follows the further adventures of Turner, the vengeful widower turned wandering warrior, a few years after the events of Lugaru.

An Action Game with a heavy emphasis on close quarters combat, Overgrowth also adopts the unique combat system of it's predecessor - unlike most other fighting games, it relies far less on button mashing and much more on timing your moves right: the position and range of the enemy and the direction you're moving all influences what Turner will do with each attack. The result is a remarkably fluid and responsive combat system, as this video demonstrates.

The game will feature multiplayer, vastly improved graphics and physics, a wider range of weapons and combat moves, and new races (the original's rabbits and wolves plus cats, dogs, and rats note ).

The game is in beta right now, with a new build (and a new demonstration video) released around a month apart. It is also now on Steam Early Access, and for awhile was on the top 10 selling list.