YMMV / Overgrowth

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: A common complaint of both the Overgrowth and Lugaru campaigns is that they're too dark to be entertaining. Turner is a merciless killer who massacres his way through the entire game. While he does show remorse, the constant stream of terrible things happening to him as a result of said violence makes it difficult for the audience to remain sympathetic to him. Characters are one note and forgettable, and the ones that do stick around neither have enough character to be interesting or hang around enough to leave a lasting impression on the player. Turner's allies also turn on him shockingly easily, and neither the player nor Turner waste any time in putting them down.
  • Development Gag: The fearsome Whale Man was used as a reason why Wolfire wasn't going to put water in the game. He's currently in the alpha (albeit as an inanimate statue) and might make it into the full game in some form.
    • To be fair, the Whale Man is fucking awesome. It's a Kaiju that does martial arts, everything about that rules.
  • Disappointing Last Level: The level itself is detailed down in That One Level. While it is hard, the level itself can be pretty fun: the reason why it is so disliked, however, is that the game suddenly ends once this level is complete with no closure, a bunch of plot threads left hanging, and absolutely no CharacterDevelopment from any of the characters.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks: Another common complaint of the campaigns is that they're incredibly short, with each lasting about two hours each. As such, the $30 price tag can seem extremely steep.
  • That One Level: The final level of the Overgrowth story is a long and treacherous vertical climb up a tower, followed by several potentially deadly fights. The first is a simple two on one, nothing too dangerous, but is right next to a cliff, meaning it's easy to get tripped and sent flying over the edge. The second is a three on one fight with two weapons lying around (a knife and greatsword specifically) meaning it's very easy to get overwhelmed and instantly killed if a rabbit picks up the sword. The final fight is very difficult, only because your opponent is armed with a sword and you are not, and the game spawns you right next to him, meaning if you don't immediately dodge he'll cut you down with a single swipe. Other than that, there's no difference between your opponent and any of the other enemies you've killed throughout the game, which can be extremely anticlimactic.
  • Uncanny Valley: The cats in the alpha build up to 206 are just… unsettling. With their spindly limbs, long torsos and the way they move is just odd to look at.