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Things are currently a little messy. Lots of vitriol being spewed about over the content policies. I am leaving everyone with this friendly reminder: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

Current Projects: Being a P5 Member.

Past Projects:

Personal Stuff (likes, dislikes, short bio, all that jazz)

Long story short, I'm an Atlanta-area man much further along the journey to grumpy-old-manhood than my chronological age indicates.

    Music I Enjoy (not comprehensive) 

    Literature I Enjoy (not comprehensive) 

Asterisks denote works I deem Highly Recommended. In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a fan of Haruki Murakami.

If you have any recommendations for literature, PM me with them (title and author, please).

Miscellaneous Quotes That May or May Not Apply to Me

I'm kind of a low-key guy. The spotlight doesn't suit me. I'm more of a side dish — cole slaw or French fries or a Wham! backup singer.
Takahashi, After Dark

Establishment, antiestablishment: I didn't care. Ultimately, it was just a clash of organizations, and I simply didn't trust any kind of organization, big or small.
The Professor, 1Q84

Vandalism is bad folks. Don't do it. If for some reason you feel the urge to do so, PM me.

But I usually get rewarded for doing bad things.... —VV
You have a good head on your shoulders, and pretty interesting taste. Keep up the good fight.JHM

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