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OUT OF DATE SINCE SOMETIME FALL 2011. Will be updated whenever I catch up on the Mass Effect 3 thread (<200 pages to go).

Born in Arkansas, lived most of my life in Texas and Nebraska, now going to college in Arkansas again. Full circle eh? Also traveled overseas to South Africa and the Dominican Republic. Handle comes from what I named my character the first time I played Knights of the Old Republic (intended to be an ancestor of Corran Horn).

I have a reasonably diverse set of interests—I love books and computer games and am a science fiction/fantasy geek, so expect at least some cursory knowledge on most things there—but I'm mostly here to hang out on the forums and talk about Mass Effect, Fire Emblem, or Warhammer 40K. Contributions to the wiki so far consist of fixing grammar and redlinks, but I'd like to expand some Fire Emblem character lists or revise the wall of text that currently serves as the WH 40 K main page description.

Account on Steam with the same name; should be easy to find, but I'm friends with several tropers already if it helps. If I've interacted with you at least once send a request and I'll be happy to add.

I should probably also note that I'm a Christian. However, despite the stereotypes many who call themselves that on the internet seem sadly determined to perpetuate, I will try not to be obnoxious, racist, homophobic, crazy, self-righteous, or use bad grammar. It's my biggest pet peeve.

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Just wanted to clarify first that I haven't played the tabletop, and then what I am involved in.

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Which games I've played.

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By no means a complete list. These are things that I currently or previously considered awesome but don't talk about on the forums as much.


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