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Loves RPGs, anime and manga, and books—especially when they have deep emotional undercurrents. In particular, she enjoys Dept. Heaven, When They Cry, Nasuverse games, True Remembrance, and ef. Adores Carnival and thinks Nessiah is the height of Moe. She's prone to taking cute things home. (This may be a slight understatement.) Also has no tolerance for poor writing whatsoever, particularly very bad grammar. When not on this site, she writes, draws, and translates.

Still unsure whether Gulcasa/Nessiah being made canon is enough to redeem Sting for their abject refusal to give Nessiah any good endings.

Don't insult Rau le Creuset anywhere she might find you. She's Yandere.

Really, really likes to do character sheets, for some odd reason.

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Anthemums (Blaze Union, Homestuck)

While four thirteen-year-old kids were charging through their personal session of SBURB, there were other groups that made it to the Medium in time to avoid getting hit by meteors.

And in one of those other sessions, in a familiar world of warring royalty, of agents and consorts and kernelsprites, toiling Underlings and slumbering Denizens, another adventure was beginning. In that familiar world, five will gather—the Heir of Light and the Seer of Hope; the Sylph of Heart, the Knight of Truth, and the Page of Life. They will travel through the five worlds within the Incipisphere, and together they will Ascend.

Beginning with the first segment, The Beginning of Something Really Excellent, it has been hosted on Livejournal and Archive Of Our Own due to its mainly-pesterlog format and infrequent art sequences. The second part is upcoming.

Se l'Aura Spira (Blaze Union)

A fractured retelling of the classic Fairy Tale Rapunzel (as with Beautiful below). An unfortunate incident in the year 1476 drastically diverted the course fate should have taken, and resulted in Gulcasa being sealed in a tower from a young age, brought up as The Ingenue and taught to hate and fear himself.

In 1490, Nessiah is forced to flee through Bronquia after provoking the duke of Balin badly enough for the man to put a bounty on him and send his private army in pursuit. Already sick and having been injured in battle, Nessiah decides it would be best to find a place to hole up until the incident boils over—a place like that haunted tower the local townspeople were talking about, perhaps. He's rather bemused to find the tower actually inhabited by someone, and manages to introduce himself and apologize for breaking and entering before collapsing from blood loss. Nurse Hello ensues.

And as the two get to know each other better, Nessiah starts delving into the circumstances of Gulcasa's solitary confinement and is a bit disturbed about its implications...

Dum Spiro Spero (Yggdra Union)

A story taking place after the main game, in which the Royal and Imperial Armies' attempts at repairing the war's damage to the world and the countries' alliances are suddenly interrupted by attacks from Asgard. As Yggdra has sworn never to fight again, the main characters must find a way to protect themselves without forcing her onto the battlefield or scaring Asgard into going to war with them.

Nessiah is the perspective character; the story focuses as much on his attempts to settle into an ordinary life and learn how to interact with people properly as the conflict with Asgard. ...And his crush on Gulcasa, which he finds much harder to deal with.

Prominently features a Love Dodecahedron between five of the main characters (seven, if you count Durant and Mistel off in the periphery). Contains a few fan theories that have been partially Jossed by Blaze Union, and several more that were proven true. Also borrows the Pactio spell from Mahou Sensei Negima!. Still ongoing.

Fate/ninth heaven (Dept. Heaven, Fate/stay night)

The story of the sixth Fuyuki Holy Grail War, taking place after the Heaven's Feel route of the original Fate/stay night. The Masters, their Servants, and the various side characters that appear are all familiar faces. There are five routes; however, they don't split off from one point, but are separate stories featuring different main characters.

The first route, Forgotten Wings, tells the story of amateur magic user Ein and his tutor Rose, who summon the Servant Lancer on the orders of their master Hector, this war's supervisor. They are under orders to win the war for the sake of keeping the Holy Grail out of the hands of unscrupulous magi.

The second route, re:Birth, follows French magus Roswell, Master of Saber. He enters the war as a representative of the house of Verlaine, instructed to win for the honor of his family.

The third route, Vagrant Grail Cadenza, follows the enigmatic magus Nessiah, Master of Berserker. He seems to have his own specific objective to accomplish in the Grail War, but just what could that be? This route is currently ongoing.

Wreck of the Day (Yggdra Union, Tales of Legendia)

Crossover that melds the worlds of Ancardia and Melfes. The Ferines, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire between Gadoria and Crusand without backup, propose an alliance to Bronquia, which is facing mounting tensions with Fantasinia. To seal the alliance, an Arranged Marriage is proposed between the Emperor and the Merines.

While Shirley is not very interested in this, neither is she particularly opposed; losing her first love Senel to her older sister Stella has left her depressed and lackluster. Gulcasa seems to feel the same way, always acting moody and distant. However, they have to cooperate for the good of their nations, and because the terms of the alliance state that they have to stay out on the open ocean for the next several months, they might as well make the best of it.

Plays with the tropes Second Love and Birds of a Feather; features Walter and Fenimore as a Beta Couple. Complete.

romeo and cinderella (Blaze Union)

On his way back home from a wealthy business associate's fairytale-ball themed party, young entrepreneur Gulcasa runs across badly abused Mysterious Waif Nessiah about to jump off the side of the city's suspension bridge. Although Gulcasa is able to persuade Nessiah not to kill himself, the latter will not hear of contacting the police or going to the hospital, claiming that they have never been any help. Not knowing what else to do, Gulcasa decides to take Nessiah home and nurse him back to health personally.

Of course, he's met with some resistance from his family—and the psychological aftereffects of abuse aren't easy to deal with. And then there's the question of where Nessiah came from in the first place, and what exactly happened to him there...

Inspired by the Vocaloid song of the same name.

Also features a series of Expanded Universe short stories that further explain the characters' backgrounds.

Beautiful (Yggdra Union)

A retelling of the classic Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty. In order to build up her own dowry, the young and idealistic princess Yggdra ventures out into the world to help people only to discover that being a Good Samaritan doesn't make as much money as she would have hoped. A few months before her eighteenth birthday, she comes upon the now mostly-ruined kingdom of Verlaine and is asked by the locals to do something about the Wicked Witch who has taken up residence in the former rulers' castle. Yggdra takes the job, and is surprised when the stories turn out to be true.

Being Yggdra, though, instead of charging in to slay the Wicked Witch and her castle guards, she takes a much more diplomatic approach to things. With a little investigation, she is able to discover the reason why the country has ended up this way—a severe case of Cain and Abel between the young princess and her older brother.

Plays with common Fairy Tale Tropes, with some played straight and others averted. Complete.

seaside ophelia (Yggdra Union)

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, in a certain wharf town, a strange young man stands every day at the cliffs above the beach, serenely staring out at the sea, for reasons unknown. It Got Worse.

Mind Screw in which none of the four characters are named, but can be identified through personality traits. Inspired by three songs and several prompts ("rainbows are boring", "stoles and sashes", "come on now", "gold rings", "a pulchritude"). Complete.