Tropers / Dun Dun

I'm just really enthusiastic about troping, okay.

DunDun used to be Epif, but passwords were lost so here's the new handle. He's known elsewhere on the Internet as Epif and can even be found at Epiphany Delirium.

He works as a copy editor at a publishing firm but doubles as a college student during the day. As far as troping goes, DunDun is working on two Useful Notes pages that won't be coming to a theatre near you anytime soon. Unpublished Works include Unpredicted Futures and Kingdom Hearts Origins. He's also trying to spearhead the cleanup of the Artistic License tropes.

He's only launched one trope so far: Elder Abusenote 

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    Crap DunDun likes 

    > Enter name. 
Your name is EPIF NEINTIE.

Holy SHIT do you love WRITING.

You have plenty of other INTERESTS, but a fair share of them completely revolve around STORIES, BOOKS, AND OTHER WRITING PARAPHERNALIA. You would kill a man with a BABY GOAT to protect your writing, which you may or may not have done in the RECENT PAST. You tend not to make any sense to your friends, but you like them too much to hate them for that.

You chumhandle is adventurousGryphin, and you DON'T GIVE A DAMN that griffin is msispelled. In fact, you DON'T GIVE A DAMN about a lot of RIDICULOUS THINGS like that.

YYou put extra emphasys on the begynnings of sentences and aphter all markings of syntax,
MMainly because people are stupyd,
BBut also because you thynk you're clever.
AAs said bephore,
YYou don't really care about spellyng gryphin correctly.