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Unpredicted Futures follows various scouts and warriors as they search for food, water, supplies, and a mythological sanctuary inside the ruins of a barren Earth. Not only is the planet barren, but there are creatures below the surface that attack and hunt at night.

The series itself is in Anachronic Order due to the "corrupted file" aspect of the series. Publishing chronology follows the Hidden File short story series that recounts the origins of the setting.


The first book follows a group of scouts (and their guard) as they search for their tribe's elite, presumably "lost" to the Creatures Below. Some among them hope to discover the ruins of their precursors as it becomes more and more evident the fabled fortress is within their reach.

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    Novels in this Series 
  • Unpredicted Futures\Dragona Curquniva\File 1.0
  • Unpredicted Futures\Dragona Curquniva\File 1.5
  • Unpredicted Futures\Bastion of the Gods\File 2.0

    Short Stories 

Hidden File

The recounting of the origins of the setting from an A.I. program that witnessed what happened.

Minor Short Stories

The Family from Buxly

Following an outlawed family as they struggle to survive every night.


  • Milestones: Expands on the history of the setting, though far more recent than the Hidden File series.
  • Tribal Dissent: Different points of view during the main events of the novel.
  • Nightmares: Ramblings of the Narrator...



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