Trivia / The Legend of Spyro

  • Ascended Fanon: Apparently, Spyro and Cynder's relationship was this. Originally, the devs didn't see them getting together, but the very vocal fans for them during the series made them decide to make it canon.
  • All-Star Cast: Is there ever! Even when the series Darrins a couple times, they still managed to pull people like Gary Oldman, Elijah Wood, and Christina Ricci, along with several prolific cartoon voice actors.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Spyro's voiced by Elijah Wood (however, Wood is admittedly a big nerd...). Sparx is David Spade in the first game, who is replaced by Billy West for the second, and then he is replaced by Wayne Brady for the final installment. Ignitus is Gary Oldman, Cynder is Christina Ricci, and Mark Hamill is Malefor (though his voice is heavily filtered, and he's been voice acting for a very long time).
  • Christmas Rushed: The Eternal Night was revealed a few months before Christmas originally, and was released shortly before Christmas day. Thankfully, it didn't end up as bad as the last Spyro game that was rushed for a Christmas release date, but it still shows at points, most notably with how quick the plot of it is paced, it's length, and especially when it came to enemy balance.
  • The Other Darrin: Sparx and Cynder have had a different voice actor for every game in the trilogy - David Spade/Billy West/Wayne Brady, and Cree Summer/Mae Whitman/Christina Ricci, repectively.
    • This is lampshaded by Sparx near the beggining of the third game.
    Sparx: Hey, Spyro, man, you're alive.
    Spyro: Sparx! It's good to see you too! You okay?
    Sparx: Huh, you know, little stiff, voice keeps changing, but I'm good.
    • Flashback with the Other Darrin: This happens during the intro sequences for The Eternal Night and Dawn of the Dragon. The Convexity flashback for The Eternal Night was redone with West and Whitman re-doing the respective lines for Spade and Summer in A New Beginning, and in the intro sequence for Dawn of the Dragon, Ricci re-did the "Spyro, stop!" line from the ending for The Eternal Night.
  • Deleted Scene: One of the planned scenes for Dawn of the Dragon would've explained how she got her jewelry back, which she hadn't had prior to being frozen in time in ''The Eternal Night. She was meant to put the jewelry back on in a cutscene in order to remind her of her past deeds. There wasn't enough time to make this scene.
  • No Export for You: The trilogy was never localized for a Japanese release.
  • One of Us: Jared Pullen, the lead artist of the trilogy, has an official deviantART account where he takes questions about the trilogy and goes into detail about some of the things that didn't make it into the games proper.
  • Shrug of God: The creators of the trilogy intentionally left Spyro and Cynder's fate at the story conclusion open to interpretation.
  • What Could Have Been: Just look at the art galleries in Dawn of the Dragon. The scenery gallery shows far bigger and detailed levels, and several dozen scrapped ones.
    • There also could've been a movie series based off the trilogy, but it was canceled due to Activision's decision to go with Skylanders. Oh, well. Perhaps it was for the best, considering most Video-Game Movies Suck.
    • Jared Pullen, the lead artist of LoS did a Q.A. on some of the stuff they never got around to implementing or building upon. This includes, among other things, the fact that dragon eggs take decades to hatch, that they were indeed considering revealing that Ignitus was possibly Spyro's biological father but were halfway split between Ignatius or Malefor being his biological father, that if adult female dragoness had appeared in the series, they would have been even more slender than adult Cynder was note , and that there's another dragon around Spyro and Cynder's relative age named Pyra out there, currently stranded on a deserted island.
    • He also later confirmed in the intended story draft that something bigger and much more powerful than Malefor corrupted him, and that Cynder's natural element is strongly implied to be wind and natural wind dragons exist. It also confirms that water is also a natural element in the LoS universe and that Cyril was originally intended to be the female Guardian of water. Pure shadow, fear, and poison dragons also exist, but they aren't natural, and is the result of a "dark entity" (perhaps the same one that corrupted Malefor?).
    • According to Jared, Cynder joining the temple after being saved by Spyro was supposed to be a point of contention among the Guardians, with Cyril being the most vocal dragon against it. It wasn't until Ignitus stood up for her did they finally accept her. Time constraints, however, kept this detail from being known until years later, with the Guardians never stating their opinions on Cynder's return to the temple in the games proper.
    • The elemental wheel used to power up elements in the games was originally supposed to be an actual object Spyro would have encountered in game, but time constraints forced them axe that for the system in the games.
    • The "Convexity" breath is actually called Aether and is the source of purple dragon's powers. It can exist in light and dark forms, and is the very fabric that makes of the reality of the LoS universe. Aether is incredibly powerful, and when properly master, a dragon in control of it can do practically whatever the hell they want, and can even permanently De-Power a dragon of their element, or bestow other elements onto dragons who already have one.
  • Word of God: As stated many times already, Jared Pullen, the lead artist of the trilogy, has a deviantART account where he answers questions about the games, goes into what they weren't able to fit into the trilogy, and further elaborates on things that weren't fully elaborated on in the games.