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One of the elements only Purple Dragons can wield in The Legend of Spyro is Fate
It's said the Purple Dragon guides the fate of their era. We don't know how Malefor led his, but Spyro proves he's pretty much Immune to Fate. The Chronicler said Purple Dragons can use elements others can't, so thus, they can manipulate fate to direct the destiny of their era, subconsciously.
  • Well you can manipulate time in The Eternal Night, so this is probably a given. Fate is just time that hasn't happened yet, after all.

All of Cynder's elements can be learned by other dragons.
Although the Chronicler calls her abilities "most uncommon", he doesn't call them unique. Additionally, when the Chronicler told Spyro of Malefor's past in The Eternal Night, he mentions that Malefor mastered Wind, one of Cynder's elements. That suggests that Wind, Poison, Shadow, and even Fear actually can be utilized by other dragons (though potentially only by purple dragons).
  • That's quite possible. It's also mentioned that Malefor discovered new Elements, likely before he turned evil. So it's possible.

The Dragon Spirits that dragged Malefor to his fate were the spirits of the Purple Dragons between Malefor and Spyro.
Malefor was the first Purple Dragon, Spyro is the present one. We aren't told how old Malefor was, but it seems he's so old that most dragons were unaware that he was a purple dragon to begin with, but Volteer says there were rumors of Purple DRAGONS from old stories, meaning there's been multiple ones. The spirits who dragged Malefor away were purple, but Ignitus' spirit was orange, like him. So they could've been the purple dragons who either opposed Malefor or were killed by him. He clearly didn't succeed with them, as the world wasn't destroyed in the meantime, but he just didn't tell Spyro because it'd have undermined his point if he was the only Purple Dragon to ever become an Omnicidal Maniac.

Malefor needed the portal of convexity opened to create the grublins and summon the golems and the Destroyer
Because there isn't much other reason as to why he didn't do any of that stuff before he was sealed, and it would explain why he even bothered with the apes if he could create his own army. Also note in that all of his attacks are convexity, which nobody could use before the portal was opened.

Malefor was right about the purpose for Purple Dragons
Spyro did his best, but he couldn't keep the Destroyer from doing its job. Malefor brought about the destruction of the world. Then after defeating him, Spyro restored it with a World-Healing Wave. That is the way the cycle is meant to be. One purple dragon destroys the world, and the new one makes his mark on the era by rebirthing it. Evidence for this incudes:
  • Malefor being good when he was younger. Perhaps he, too, rebirthed the world as another Purple Dragon destroyed it. It could have simply been an obscure event where no one knew what was happening, or he felt so upset by it that when he rebirthed the world he erased everyone else's memories of the event.
  • The fact that Purple Dragons are so rare would mean the exact details of how they shape the era they live in aren't well documented. And it's very easy for such information to be distorted as it gets passed down if it isn't well known to begin with.
  • Malefor did have his Face–Heel Turn prior to the series, but IIRC he didn't actively try to destroy the world (just conquor it) until he knew for a fact that the next Purple Dragon had been born. He could have originally wanted to destroy Spyro's egg because he didn't want his era to end yet, and once he failed to do that he knew it was just a matter of time before the new era began, so he went about preparing for the destruction. Hardly an excuse for his actions, but it does make for some interesting motivations rather than simply destroying it all For the Evulz.
  • The world Spyro restored seems the same as the first, but he didn't know he was supposed to change it (or if he even could) so he simply rebirthed it the way he felt it should be (that is, the way it was before Malefor made a mess of things). We don't see very much of it after it gets restored, so it's possible that there are subtle or even noticable differences in areas that we didn't see.
  • And yes, this does have Unfortunate Implications for Spyro's future. Though he doesn't have to continue the cycle until the next Purple Dragon shows up, which given their rarity won't be for quite a while. Perhaps in the interm he can uncover the truth about the Purple Dragons' cycle and come up with a more humane way to go about it that doesn't require a Face–Heel Turn.
Why did Malefor need Cynder?
The apes went to the Well of Souls without her to free him and it turned out being Spyro that was needed to free him, so he must've kidnapped her for a different reason. Judging by that she was female and was forced into the form of an adult in the first game that would seem to imply that he kidnapped her to breed an heir or an army.
  • IIRC, in the first game Malefor was stuck inside the Portal of Convexity, which had to be opened with crystals that were imbued with the essence of the Guardians' elements. I believe Ignitus' exact words were "Only one born in the Year of the Dragon can unlock the portal that serves as the Dark Master's prison." Note he said portal and nothing about an evil mountain or the Well of Souls. And the portal sort of imploded after Spyro and Cynder's battle. Then in the second game, the Chronicler described the Well of Souls as being related to the "spirits of the deceased." I think the first game's ending saw Malefor either dead or otherwise unable to physically escape his prison, forcing him to resort to the Well of Souls as a backup plan. So basically it was a different doorway that needed to be opened with a different key. Or it's possible he would have escaped the Well of Souls even without Spyro due to the lunar eclipse and Malefor was just saying it was Spyro's fault to screw with the little dragon's head. Also, how would the Apes have been able to tell she was a girl before she hatched, even if they were specifically looking for a female dragon?
Malefor was destroying the universe out of pity because worse stuff is coming
The only reason that he's turned into a Complete Monster is because his sanity was damaged by exposure to the thing coming next.
  • Think about it. Convexity in the first game is described as "an airlock" to protect against "the dark realms beyond". Who's to say that those dark realms weren't sealed off for a reason? For allw eknow there are things out there, dark, hungry things out of the worst nightmares within nightmares...
    • Regardless if Malefor was doing it for that reason or not, it was later confirmed that Malefor was in fact corrupted by something bigger and far more powerful than him, opening up the possibility that this entity resides in or is perhaps imprisoned in the Dark Realms beyond the Convexity dimension. Also revealed was that Dragons capable of Poison, Fear and Shadow breaths exist but are not natural and are the result of a "dark entity's" doing, possibly the same entity that corrupted Malefor. Ultimately there is something/someone worse out there than Malefor.
  • In fact, the entire game is just a prequel to a massive crossover with CthulhuTech and Warhammer 40,000.
Purple Dragons are this universe's equivalent of Time Lords.
It had to be said.