Headscratchers / The Legend of Spyro

  • Why is Chief Prowlus in Dawn of the Dragon able to tie up Spyro and Cynder with the... er.. vaguely explained evil magic chain that was forged by Malefor? Ignitus and the moles say they don't recognize the design, so Malefor probably didn't pick it up from someone else. Alternate Character Interpretation, anyone?
    • He used a crystal that attracted the magic chain. Considering there's a heavy use of magic in their world, it's not unlikely a chain simular to it exists but is less powerful or the like. Along with that, the Hermit, who everyone apparently knows of, has a great deal of knowledge of Malefor, so it's possible he knew how from him.
    • Having a way to restrain or contain some of Malefor's lesser magical creations would be a prudent survival tactic for anyone not capable of a dragon's raw might. Prowlus (or the Hermit) magics a crystal to restrain the chain, and subsequently also the young dragons attached to the chain.
  • Shortly arriving in Warfang, Spyro and Cynder become separated from Hunter by debris during the attack on the city. Hunter states that Spyro and Cynder won't be able to get through and instructs the two dragons to go and find Ignitus somewhere in the city. But given the gameplay mechanics of free flight in the previous levels, and from Spyro and Cynder's large wingspan, why didn't they just fly over the debris to reach Hunter?
  • Dawn of the Dragon in general is chalked-full of Fridge Logic.
    • 90% of which comes from the implementation of free-flying.
    • Aaand some of which comes from the opening. How did Spyro and Cynder AGE when they were trapped in an AMBER TIME CRYSTAL-THING!
      • I always figured it as being something similar to time displacement. They're not in synch with the current timeline, but as soon as the crystal is broken, they've still aged the appropriate amount,just remained unaffected by the collapse of the Well of Souls
  • Also, does anyone else think that Cynder was naturally of the Fear element? On top of her coloration, the "icon" for Fear is a silhouette in the shape of Cynder's head.
    • Since it seems to be that "element = color," I assumed she was naturally Shadow-type, especially given how it also forms her "flame-style" move. The game treats Poison as her default, but maybe that was the fault of the darkness.
    • The most popular element considered to be her natural one is Wind, as it's the only one without an 'evil' attribute. However, the Chronicler said that her elements were rare and obtained from darkness, not that they were evil in and of themselves. It's also implied Malefor invented all or most of her elements before his fall to evil, so they're likely not evil in and of themselves, so who knows?
  • How did Malefor become a Draco in Leather Pants in to certain fans?
    • Being voiced by Mark Hamill?
    • I point thee to Sephiroth. All it takes is "sexiness" for someone to consider an evil bastard redeemable.
    • Also worth noting that, from what we see, he seems to be something of a victim of prophecy. He sees that Purple Dragons are faetd to end one world and build a new one, and he simply goes along with that belief.