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Funny: The Legend of Spyro
  • In Tall Plains, Spyro discovers his ice breath saving Kane.
    Sparks: "You are getting weirder by the second..."
    Spyro just nods along in agreement.
  • The interactions between the Guardians are usually good for a laugh.
  • Sparks is a general source of humor...
    Sparks: "Okay, no more thesaurus for you." (to Volteer)
    Sparks: "Oh when will I learn; when things look good run for the hills!"
  • Cyril going on a rant about his ancestors and the proud (if bedraggled) lineage that goes with it, leaving Sparks and Ignitus facepalming and going 'here we go again' silently while Volteer just says...
    Volteer: "Your pomposity, arrogance, and pretentiousness is odious to the extreme."
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