Funny: Skylanders

  • Pretty much everything Kaos says. His Deadpan Snarker sidekick makes it even funnier.
    Kaos: My head is awesome, I tell you! Fear it! Fear my GIANT FLOATING HEAD!
    Kaos: Impossible! You survived my best water spell! Ahem! I MEAN... You survived a very mediocre water spell that I found laying around - somewhere.
    Kaos: Attention! Here is the list of Skylanders that I want to be caught and disposed of immediately. Ahem. ALL OF THEM!
  • Skylanders: Giants gives us Drill-X, a drill robot that is the boss of Chapter 11, who starts rapping about how he's going to destroy you.
  • The SWAP Force commercial has several funny moments. Observe.
  • The Wii U version of Trap Team has the villain displayed on the GamePad. Poking them will make them either roar or lash out at you. The same goes for the Skylanders when the villain is in control, but they only have one reaction (their "defeated" animations) after several pokes per character: Snap Shot will throw his weapons to the ground and turn away from you, arms crossed in a "Hmph!" fashion, characters like Spry and Blades will get upset and look dejected, looking at you sadly (Blades' comes complete with his lower lip quivering) and Pop Fizz in normal form will start hitting himself in the head with an empty potion bottle, to name a few.
  • Flynn being scared by Tessa at the start of the Pheonix Psanctuary level in Trap Team.
  • In Trap Team's Rainfish Riviera, when Mags asks you to use the crane to carry her across the bridge, you can do just that. Or you can have fun and drop her straight into the water. She says different things each time, before warning you that she is undead and can hold a grudge.
  • Nightshade's decision as to how to deal with the vortex, just when the vortex pulls him in at the last moment.
    "Eh, I guess I couldn't really elude capture forever. Well, it appears I'm going away for a bit. I shall enjoy this capture sequence with dignity-"
  • Some of Shrednaught's reactions to the Skylander fighting involve one of the Trolls coming out of the bathroom and asking the other what he missed. Yes, apparently, the traps have bathrooms inside them.

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