Awesome / The Legend of Spyro

  • The final battle of each game gets one:
    • A New Beginning: Spyro uses his full power to blast Cynder so hard he knocks her out of the Dark Master's control
    • The Eternal Night: Spyro is exposed to Malefor's evil power, turning him into Dark Spyro. Dark Spyro then proceeds to turn Gaul to stone and shatter him to pieces.
    • Dawn of the Dragon: The entire Final Battle is one long one. Spyro and Cynder fight the Big Bad first in a dog fight, then while falling down a volcano to the center of the planet where they finally defeat him in a Beam-O-War.
    • Think about this: midway through the final battle, the Destroyer completes its circle. The world is being destroyed and Spyro has NO idea he'll be able to save the world after. But they keep fighting. Why? Maybe they don't want Malefor to get away with this, maybe they don't want to let the new world to be created after to suffer his tyranny. But all that matters is this: even though they failed to save the world they're not stopping until Malefor falls.
    • Afterwords, Spyro manages to figure out the answer to the problem: HIMSELF. He unleashes a World-Healing Wave that puts the world back together.
  • In the first game, Ignitus gets one when he shows just what a fully trained dragon can do, right to a bunch of apes dumb enough to engage him (with similar results on the raid in the second game). Being an older dragon, it took quite a bit of effort out of him, but not a single one manges to land a hit on him. Summed up by Sparx as "Woah! The buy guy's got some moves!"
  • Sparx finally snapping and punching out Sniff in the Sky Pirates arc of The Eternal Night.
  • When Spyro flips out after Ignitus's apparent death in the Burned Lands only to have Cynder snap him out of it with a calm, "Don't do this."